=KSK= Recruiting! (AB Tanks)

=KSK= Kommando Spezialkraefte (Special Forces Command)

Although individual achievement is very important, very few battles are won by a single person. Therefore individual performance is but a basic requirement for an effective team. We were established to promote a group of Warrior Poets within the War Thunder Community. We pride ourselves in using new methods to overcome old problems, and share a similar desire to win wherever possible. No one is an expert from the beginning, even the best players are always learning, we welcome anyone who is willing to adapt and improve with our team, this includes newer players to the game.

The motto of the KSK is Facit Omnia Voluntas **(**lat. The will is decisive)


  • Discord is required in order to participate with the team. A microphone is also required.
  • Our preference is AB tank battles, though we do occasionally play RB and SB as well (mostly AB.)
  • We are looking for seasoned players with a minimum of one Tier 4 tank of Battle Rating 5.7 or higher (This is negotiable, and is based on the willingness of new players to learn and improve themselves.)
  • Applicants must be at least age 18, preferably older. We’re looking for more mature players who will contribute to our team, as well as the laid-back environment we have in our group. (We don’t appreciate people who get their jollies from trolling and practical joking.)
  • Players wishing to join us must be able to communicate in English.

For those looking to Enlist

  • While our squadron is smaller in size than many, we still manage a decent efficiency which will only grow as we take in more skilled players.
  • Our focus with recruitment is not on specific nationalities of people; We judge people by their personality and behavior. Currently, there are members from the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Greece, Philippines, and China in the KSK Squadron!
  • Of the many things that unite us as a community, one is our common Language, everyone here is fully capable of communicating with us in English, thus we have a standard method of coordinating in battle.
  • Our active times generally revolve around the EST timezone; we can often be found playing in the mornings and afternoons on weekends, and generally only play in the afternoons on weekdays.

You are welcome to drop by Our Discord Server and hang out with us to decide if our environment is suitable for you!