Why is the Kronshtadt so obviously broken and over powered? it one taps every BB it fights regardless of health or angling, it takes half a dozen other BB’s all pummeling it to even stand a chance of killing it before it kills all half dozen of the ships shooting it, People complained about the Scharnhorst, but this Kronshtadt is the true abomination in Naval. it needs a serious nerf or a big repair cost increase, probably both.


I tend to agree with you, but still think that Scharnhorst is the most moronic vessel right now. In my experience though players with Kronshtadt don´t yolo into the enemy like Scharnhorsts very often do. So the russian OP-ship might seem stronger because of being more carefully played. But yes, both are a real pest for the game.


I was in a RB match in my kron and the match eventually developed into me, a teamate, and a enemy scharn, I nearly emptied my magazines on the scarb and he didnt go down, eventually he killed my teamate who respawned in a bomber and killed the scarn with some bombs

But you didn’t go down either, did you?

Nope, although i was sinking at 42% with 34% crew and he was not sinking and has 60% crew, he did not engage first.


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Well, perhaps it"s fair that another nation other than russia has a broken OP vehicle for once. The Kronshtadt is still busted though.

Well at least her ammo is not something invincible like Scharnhorst now. Angling Kronshtadt is quite annoying but it is something that could be done by many other ships. Her firepower when face as enemy is marvelous but as a player who plays every nation I would prefer Scharnhorst for its overall harmonry of firepower and survivability.


I play all nations as well, kinda have to so you can understand strengths and weakness of ships you fight.