KOTNS looking for people playing for Squad vehicle RP


We are a newly formed squad (Kings Of The Nordic Squadrons) with players having a background from places like R06. THC and NOFO.
We are a adult/mature oriented squad with players having to be 21+ years to be a mature and dramafree zone.
To begin with the Discord are open only to “friends and friends of friends” and people we know already.
After things are settled we will open it to the most active players so people can play WT and other games with us.

But as of now we for everyone ingame to apply.
As we want to have a decent amount of RP monthly we have a requirement of 1500 activitypoints each month.

Update: the squad ingame autoaccept people to get the RP points a boost and will be open for quite a long while for that reason.
The discord is still closed for people we know.

So if you want a place to gring points, but dont want any requirements of joining discord you are very much welcome to join