Kornet ATGM and dozer blades

Is it realistic if a Kornet fuses on the dozer blade…like 1 - 2 m before the main armor even starts …that its still capable of oneshoting the tank? Penetrating it at full lenght to the engine ? Shouldn’t a heat reaction be less effective, if its fusing that far outside of its optimal fuse distance?

Alot of its efficiency to get through the composite main armor should be gone, imho. Just noticed that this useless dozer blade seems to absolutly not mitigate incoming damage of any kind.

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Heat and heatfs are and have always been broken like this. A great example of it was ohly daily in am 39 brenus. A heat round hit the tip of his barrel, activated, then travelled the length of the barrel to penetrate his era covered turret and one shot him.

by this logic, the cope cages are the ultimate protection against a javeling…