KNM Tista - Small Norwegian minesweeper


TYPE: Minesweeper
BUILDING SITE: De Forenede Båtbyggerier - Risør, Skaaluren Skipsbyggeri - Rosendal
CLASS: Sauda class minesweepers
LAUNCHED: 1 June 1954
HOIST COMMAND: 27 April 1955

2x 20mm Oerlicon Anti air cannons

Displacement: 384 Metric Tons
Lenght: 48.0 Meter
Width: 7.0 Meter
Depth: 2.8 Meter

2x General Motors diesel eignes
Power: 880 BHP
Speed: 13.5 Knots (25.00 km/h)

Estimated crew: 38 Men

Hull material: Wood

The Americans built more than 500 so-called YMS minesweepers during World War II. Although the YMS also had wooden hulls, it was eventually found that these were still too magnetic compared to newer magnetic mines. At the same time as Belgium, which invested heavily in its minesweeper weapon. Through practical exercises and in other NATO contexts, we assume that Norway and Belgium have at some point concluded that it would be appropriate for Norway to focus exclusively on the MSCs, while Belgium already had a fleet of MSO vessels. In 1966, KNM Namsen and KNM Lågen were in any case exchanged for three Belgian MSCs which were named KNM Tana (MSC-103), KNM Alta (MSC-104) and KNM Glomma (MSC-151)…According to all the vessels in starting point was arms assistance, the exchange was of course approved by the LSA. In American sources, it appears that both countries formally returned the vessels to the United States, which then passed them on to the respective countries.
the development of the MSOs, the Americans from the early 1950s therefore also developed the smaller AMS (Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper) vessels, with the aim of sweeping in shallower waters.

Great emphasis was placed on solid wooden hulls, non-magnetic material and an advanced degaussing system. The vessels of approximately 380 tonnes were 144 feet long, had two GM diesel engines and could do a maximum of 13.5 knots. They had a crew of about 40 men and could sweep both intelligent and anchored mines. Over the course of a few years, more than 250 such vessels were built in the USA or under license and financing from the USA. In 1955, the class name was changed from AMS to MSC, “minesweeper coastal”. The last vessels of the class, which were built for Saudi Arabia, were built as late as 1978.

Already on 25 August 1953, i.e. before we had taken over Lågen, Norway was able to take over the first in a series of MSC vessels. The takeover was part of the arms aid program and we were able to take over the vessel straight from the American shipyard. Norway was given the name KNM Sauda, which in line with tradition also became the Norwegian name for the vessel class. All the vessels in the class were named after Norwegian rivers. Two years later we took over MSC-132 in the same way, which was named KNM Sira. At that time, we had already negotiated for five similar vessels to be built at Norwegian shipyards, financed by the Americans. The largest assignment, on the three vessels Ogna, Kvina and Utla, went to Westermoen Båtbyggeri & Mek Verksted

KNM Tista was built by the united boat builders in Risør and Skaaluren shipbuilders in Rosendal and the Royal Norwegian Navy took it over on 27 April 1955. KNM Tista then served for 39 years before it was decided that the command should be scrapped, as it became the 15 August 1994 and was then sold for scrapping in 1997. Efforts were made to keep both this and the sister ship KNM Vosso as museum ships, but I don’t think it was successful for an unknown reason, unfortunately I can’t find information about exactly this. They were very interested in it because they were Norwegian-born.

In game, this could potentially be a usable vessel, it got two 20mm Oerlicon cannons, which should be enough to sink some lightly armored vessels as torpedoboats, patrol vessels and such. What battle rating it would be I can’t say. It is somewhat small and it can help the survivability of the ship. The speed is not great and can be negative, as it has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. But the future will tell, could potentially be AI, as we have several of in many of the rounds in the game, that shoot at you when you approach them, also it could possibly have a future role in the game for the ship’s original purpose, to swipe mines



KNM TIsta — ImgBB



90 år under rent norsk orlogsflagg -
Norske marinefartøy - samtlige norske marinefartøy 1814-2008 og marinens flygevåpen 1912-1944 | ARK Bokhandel


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