KNM Sleipner Corvette - Sleipner class

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KNM Sleipner Corvette - Sleipner class

BUILDING SITE: Nylands Verksted, Oslo
LAUNCHED: 9 November 1963
HOIST COMMAND: 29 April 1965

1x 76.2mm Mark 34 cannon
1x 40mm Bofors cannon
6x 32.4cm Mark 34 Torpedotubes
1x 1x3 Kongsberg Terne III mortars

Decca 202 navigation radar
Decca TM 1226 surface search Radar
Phillips TVT-300 optronic fire control systems
Thomson-CSF Spheron hull sonar

Displacement: 780 Ton armed
Hull: Steel
Length: 69.4m
Width: 8.3m
Depth: 2.7m
Crew: 63 men

Eigne: 4x Maybach MTU Dieseleignes
Power: 8800 HP
Speed: 20-22 Knots
Propellers: 2

1988: Modernized and for a period used as a cadet ship
1992: commando struck and sunk as target vessel (most likely testing Penguin or NSM)

Sleipner was baptized by Mrs Kjeholt at the launch. and the sister ship Æger was christened by Mrs Else Sørensen.

Sleipner was taken over by the Swedish Navy on 29 April 1965. The vessel was modernized in 1988, and for a period it was used as a cadet ship. Sleipner, which is no longer under command, was phased out in 1992.

Æger was taken over by Sjøfosvaret on 31 March 1967. Æger was modernized in 1989, and for a period used as a cadet ship, in the same way as Sleipner. Æger was also phased out in 1992

The Sleipner class was originally part of the 1960 fleet plan, and was therefore supposed to consist of 5 vessels, but this was later reduced to 2 vessels. these were built at Nyland’s workshop near Oslo, where they were originally classified as Patrol vessels, but at a later date reclassified as corvettes.

KNM Sleipner was sunk as a target vessel while testing torpedoes, and the sister ship KNM Æger was equipped as a remote-controlled target vessel. presumably this was in connection with the trial and testing of Penguin missiles

it was really hard to find any history about this, i have looked everywhere and this is what i found

Kongsberg Terne III AU mortars


Technical Data for Terne III rocket
Length: 1.97 m
Diameter: 20 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Speed: ???
Range: 5000 m
Propulsion: Solid-fueled rocket; 52 kN
Warhead: Depth charge

Terne is a Norwegian anti-submarine weapon system, which uses rocket-thrown depth charges. It was developed by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment in cooperation with the U.S. Navy in the late 1950s. The U.S. Navy used the Terne III system on a few destroyers in the early 1960s, but phased out the system after only a few years of use. The Norwegian Navy used Terne for many years after



KNM Sleipner Korvett — ImgBB



Kongsberg Terne
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90 år under rent norsk orlogsflagg
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