KNM Nordkyn - Corvette - Flower class

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KNM Nordkyn - Corvette - Flower class

BUILDING SITE: Harland & Wolff Ltd. Belfast, Northern Ireland
LAUNCHED: 10 April 1941

1x 102mm cannon
4x 20mm Oerlicon cannons
1x 20mm Double Oerlicon cannon
2x 12.7mm Machineguns
2x 7.6mm Double machineguns
72x Hegdehog depth charges/sinking mines


Displacement: 1.250 Ton
Hull: Steel
Length: 68.0m
Width: 11.0m
Depth: 4.8m
Crew: 83 men

1-4 cyl Triple Expansion steameigne
Power: 2.750 IHK
Speed: 16.5 Knots
Propellers: 1

1944: Transferred to KNM on 20 December with new name Buttercup
1945: Liverpool Escort Force
1945: Sailed to Norway and arrived in Oslo on 15 May
1946: Purchased from Great Britain on 10 August with new name KNM Nordkyn with pennant number K 03
1950: Ground support at Holmenvær in Senja on 22 February.
1950: New pennant number F 309 and classified as a frigate
1955: Changed pennant number to F 306
1956: Command canceled on 9 April
1956: Sold for conversion to whaleboat in August with new name Thoris
1969: Sold for scrapping in June in Grimstad

After the corvette TUNSBERG CASTLE was shipwrecked on the coast of Finnmark on 12 December 1944, the navy received from the British navy instead a corvette of the “Flower” class -BUTTERCUP - which took Norwegian command on 20 December 1944 in Liverpool. The corvette was ready for war on 15 February 1945 and from the same date was stationed in Liverpool and subordinated to the commander of the “Western Approaches Command” and assigned to escort group B 2 of the “Liverpool Escort Force”.

From 17 February to May 1945, the corvette participated in the escort of two westbound and two eastbound Allied transatlantic convoys. None of these convoys were attacked by enemy combat forces, and all convoys arrived at their destinations in good condition. “The Atlantic lifeline” was safe.

When BUTTERCUP returned to Liverpool on 6 May, it was ordered to leave “Western Approaches Command” and go to Rosyth where the vessel was to lie ready to go to Norway.

On 15 May, the corvette arrived in Oslo with the Chief of Staff of the Norwegian High Command and other naval officers belonging to the SOKS staff on board. After the end of the war, the vessel was formally taken over by the Royal Norwegian Navy, and essentially set to carry out fisheries inspection services.

BUTTERCUP, which after returning to Norway had been renamed NORDKYN in 1946, was designated as a frigate from December 1950. It left the command for the last time on 9 April 1956 in Horten. In August of the same year, NORDKYN was sold to Thor Dahl Ltd in Sandefjord, converted into a whaleboat, and given the name THORIS. In 1969 it was sold to Kristiania Spigerverk and chopped up.



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This source (luftvernbatteriene | laststandonzombieisland) claims that Nordkyn was armed with at least one 10.5 cm SK C/32 taken from Thetis (ex-Harald Haarfagre) or Nymphe (ex-Tordenskjold), do you have any evidence of this?