'Kings of Battle" Update Trailer


yes, like the F105 also could. But none of them are implemented or will be anytime soon, since the gameplay isn’t accepting of nukes and lacks targets and doesn’t allow for tacticle battles, but this is another story

Fair enough, any numbers?

Except for the map which looks badass, and t54e2, the rest is like that, eh, nothing interesting, I’m waiting for things for other nations, maybe nagato? For Japan.

I have the concern that the map is again just way to small for mbt’s and even late WW2 stuff

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Are those HARMS slung under the VARK?

I think you’ve got me wrong. I am suggesting that the FB-111A be the top tier nuclear aircraft for GROUND BATTLES. Ofc ARB can’t have nukes. But GRB uses the 10.3 Jaguar for top nukes, which stands little chance against a 4th gen or Pantsir. The FB-111A would be a unique and interesting vehicle to deliver nukes for “blue team” at top tier ground, with “red team” using something like a Su-24M.

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And super mbt is boring, like CS 2.0, whoever clicks first wins zero tactics and thinking.

I am talking nukes as normal loadouts in air rb etc, not only basically a killstreak

bc maps are to small that you can’t do any good tactics, like flanking, wich is getting removed from maps


What’s right is right, I recently died in Eastern Europe after 15 seconds after the start of the match lol.

Can someone explain me what the F-16 scene is supposed to show?

Most of the choices for aircraft since since apex predators feels like were all based on how good they will be at CAS in ground RB…
Looks like we’ll have to wait December to get some really new air to air dedicated aircraft

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Unlikely, AiM9Xs are need for that XD

Object 775 it’s actually called the pancake tank lol

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NGL, I’m relieved to see a non-jet focused update. I still got plenty to unlock.

So we have confirmation that f22 will be added in this update


new hud

but with a removed fuze and warhead^^
To not give the info about it

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The only way I’m going to play this major update is if they fix Gepard 1A2

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