'Kings of Battle" Update Trailer

Honestly, in WW2 tiers that is not entirely true. A bunch of enemies that you fight in CQC areas will have quite long reloads too (IS-2/3/4/6s, T29/34s, Super Pershings, …), and if you play with support, they can cover your reload. Plus you have a workable reverse, so you can fall back while reloading.

touched it only once and found it to be very repulsive and unbalanced as we were 6 UK players vs 10 Germany ones, so it was an utter steamroll. never went back since then.
Sounds good as a game mode though, they could make version of most maps from that and include it in the map rotation.

Like I already said earlier, I kinda like playing a vehicle that’s just bad/less competitive for the game mode and try to still do great in it. that way I know I really earned my kills, versus a vehicle that works well by design.

Since SPAA is on equal footing with planes at best and at a severe disadvantage at worst, I wouldn’t dare to call it rock paper scissors. Planes shit on everyone, half the SPAAs are better TDs than SPAAs, a couple light tanks are better SPAAs than the SPAAs at their BR, a select few SPAA are proper counters to planes, except when they get outranged… and don’t get me started about 10.0/10.3 Helis with hellfires being toptier and dominating the entire battle because there are no counters below their BR.

Technically we have 2, WoT is good for what it wants to be and having its own niche seperate from WT. AW on the other hand trying to be WoT with more modern vehicles is already struggling hard.

Both sides would have artillery spawns so they are not so called invulnerable and it would make a shoot and scoot type of gameplay viable

Example match starts, several lights deploy their drones to find targets
Drones find and lase the targets which will give range details etc, this information would only be viewable by spg gunners
Gunners target and fire, rounds will take a few secs to impact the zone much like when u call for arty in a normal round

If a kill is achieved the scouting drone will share the same rewards as the spg operator

The above scenario will make gameplay more mobile and you won’t have people always camping a location because they will get hit eventually

Anyway what you said in point 1 can be said for helicopters and jets so it’s pretty much moot

Name me one modern MTB that doesn’t have laser rangefinder :)

Ah, I see ‘CAS IS THERE TO KILL CAMPERS’ argument is coming back in full force.

the difference is artillery rounds do not home in or can be guided to their targets

Then my earlier point stands even more. I don’t think anyone wants to play maps where it takes 20 minutes of driving to reach the middle

You are conflating two different things. 2nd Battle Of El Alamein is a sniping map where 900m engagements are very common, and you can sometimes have over-1200m engagements even with WW2 tanks, but you also have plenty of CQC and flanking options if you want them. And it’s a map where you can start engaging the enemy virtually as soon as you climb over a dune, one minute and change into the match.

Fields Of Poland is a map where you drive for 20 minutes to then have engagements at 400m distance tops anyway, giving you the worst of both worlds.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, I mean, I do it myself. Just that against the many fast, light targets you meet at this BR, the extra armour is not always worth it compared to the much quicker response time you’ll have in one of the actual heavies (Tiger II has more than twice the RoF, godlike gun handling and fast turret rotation).

The workable reverse is absolutely one of the assets that make it viable, yes, and there are other ways to survive while reloading as well if you really can’t fall back, or have no backup (tbh a common occurrence for me, usually I tend to go towards the flanks that I know most players ignore/where I think thin player density might cost us the win). For example, if you wiggle irregularly, especially if you manage to time it to the enemy reload times, you can sometimes survive truly improbable amounts of punishment while reloading.

As for the reload speed, I’m always happy to meet the opponents you cited when I’m playing at that BR. Sometimes, they kick my ass, sometimes, I kick theirs, but it’s a similar formula, reload takes time, aiming for weak spots is crucial, etc etc. But you also meet many many many things with fast reload and good pen (usually bad postpen tho).

With the JT I think a lot about “do I really want to take this shot now, or should I take my time and do this right?”. That kind of caution when playing CQC has sometimes screwed me over - happened yesterday vs an IS-3 for example - but other times, it’s allowed me to hold a cap while outnumbered even in CQC.

I think you missed out tbh. Don’t get me wrong, it was a mess with bizarre queue times and players getting into matches well after they started and stuff, mostly because the lineups were made in such a way that many more players wanted to queue for Germany than the Allies. But I played that every day, enjoying the wider variety of mission types, and I think to this day it’s still the best fun I’ve had in RB since I started playing this game.

Sim is the best of all though, imho. I just play it rarely because the queue times are daunting, the daily rotation is not a system I’m fond of, and I unironically don’t always have the mental energy for how stressful sim games can get 😂

That’s why I said nominally. I don’t believe for a second they’re succeeding at it, or trying too hard for that matter, just that it’s their intention.

Funnily enough, a moderator (Pacifica) in this thread yesterday also said that this is Gaijin’s thinking about CAS:

Oh I know ^^

ive lost count my self… But, it is not going anywhere, the ones that complain just want to camp and snipe in peace… but the developers have pretty much said this is not a sniping game, and the developers want players slugging it out

My observation isn’t about whether I agree or not with this rock-paper-scissors format, or whether it’s being done right, it’s about internal consistency. CAS can’t exactly be a detrenchment mechanic if there’s nothing to detrench.

I never got into it. I thought about it to scratch my itch with regards to the speculative designs you won’t find in WT, which are interesting to me, but honestly I find their approach to said speculative designs too whimsical at times, and I’ve read rather discouraging things about the game - and I’m not sure I would mentally be able to switch over to a health points system and still feel immersed after WT, if that makes sense.

Yet. We’re getting early models of howitzers, who’s to say that more accurate ones won’t be added in future? If they’re planning to go indirect fire mode.

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You must not have read through the whole thread. The person I was responding to wants maps to be a minimum of 10x10km (post 127)

I would love to see more indirect fire, but on poststamp-sized maps it would be pretty useless…

oh hell no. We’ve already got to deal with CAS and the current artillery system, let’s not add the broken WoT style aiming in the game.

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it already sorta exists with the rocket trucks and sturmtiger. If they made shells deviate to a higher degree the longer they are in the air or when they change directions, then it could be balanced in a way that makes them useless. Then the only issue would be you having people on your team in spawn doing nothing all match

The artillery system in WoT is not what I would consider a “proper” implementation of indirect fire.

But that doesn’t bother me as there is no way to actually see the ennemy. It’s either perfect knowledge of the battlefield or pure luck but nowhere as annoying as the WoT system.

Ok good sorry, I had WoT flashbacks while reading your comment…

yeah no, the wot orbital view is why that mechanic sucks in that game

I’d imagine a system to enable you to accurately determine your distance and bearing to another point of the map. No eagle-eye aiming.

Yeah, not really a big fan but still better than what WoT has. If it requires actual skill then why not but I think this game should focus on its core : aiming and armour.

Says who? you might just aswell end up with 3 arty vs none. WT is based on lineups, not like WoT where you can force the matchmaker to give both teams the same amount of arty, and even if you match lineups with arty together, they don’t have to use them.

at 6.3? good joke
also who says that they will? you might aswell spawn your arty, beg your light tanks to give you targets and they just go and do their own thing. terribly flawed approach that depends too highly on randoms helping you out.

WT giving rewards to multiple players? another good joke. you already get almost nothing for regular scouting netting a kill. if Gaijin is generous, they give you the same plane cost reduction as for scouting, but even then, parking somewhere save and spending alot of time in drones, that might not even net you anything bc allied arty might not even shoot at what you laze, doesn’t sound like something most people will do.
and if they make the rewards too good then you might end up with 4-5 LTs per team lazing stuff for an arty or two instead of shooting enemies themselves, so your team will just lose by having less active players.

people often camp behind cover, like houses, and that kind of arty wouldn’t result in orbital strikes. and it could just as well make gameplay more static because enemies might not be willing to move out into arty fire when they hear a scout drone around.

yeah, that’s the point. at least for guided munitions, which suck. we dont need even more stuff that can kill you out of nowhere.

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depends on the match BR, up to 7.0-7.3ish, light tanks are either rather sluggish or only get high pen on peashooters (like the bulldogs) that only kill a crew or two on your JT. given they even come to narrow hallways that you hold down, after you shot, and you don’t have support. in a full uptier… sure, heavy tanks aren’t good for full uptiers anyway.
Not a huge detriment imo. just a little one.

I don’t even believe it’s their intention. And CAS still works just fine without being a detrenchment mechanic, it’s not like CAS is useless if they can’t detrench anything. often its more optimal to just blast a player doing really well to give your team some breathing room or stop them from getting a nuke, no matter how much they move.

you missed the golden times sadly. imo it developed into the wrong direction, giving more and more tanks autoloaders that can delete entire tanks in 6s or making them hulldown monsters that have a 3 pixel high, 20 pixel wide cupola you have to hit while praying to RNGesus. all because their business model is to sell more premiums or people buying new tech tree lines day 1 above all other methods since f2p progress is incredibly easy compared to WT.
But it had a really good time where you unlocked new vehicles constantly, autoloader were a unique mechanic to mostly france and very few other lines or singular prem tanks, all nations had distinguished play styles before everything got mixed, it was really fun.
My favourite was the 12,8cm of the Jagdtiger on a PzIV chassis in a rear-mounted, fully traversable gun mount (don’t wanna call it turret bc it was just the gun with a metal sheet against small arms that dont even exist there, and was more for giving an area for the enemy to hit when you’re hulldown). Incredibly fun TD to play.
The HP system was pretty good, and at the very least ALOT less bug ridden than WT’s systems. I think your shots going where you aim instead of having RNG was the biggest positive for me when I switched to WT, not even the damage system.
It’s alot less immersive, but it was alot more just sheer tank fun back then.

same reason why some people spawn spaa at the start of the match to counter helicopters the same can be said for arty.

every match i’ve been in there are always spotters so i dont see the problem there

i already said this reward will only apply to scouted targets killed by artillery, this would promote cooperation if at all, anyway even the reward is not given there is more than enough scouted targets in game now .

i already said it will take several seconds for a round to impact, if you are mobile and not static you should not have to worry about a direct hit unless you are unlucky.

nah it just sounds like you are not open to changes you just nitpick at ideas without giving any good or viable solutions