Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

A ship designed to resupply warships at sea with oil (and sometimes other dry goods).

Was that why they deleted all taiwanese flags from the statcards for a while and gave all the ROC vehicles a PRC flag on the statcard?

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Refuels other warships at sea. If you’ve ever heard of USS Cyclops, which went missing in the Bermuda Triangle, it 's similar to that.

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ah so like in flight refueling?


I find that hard to believe given your commentary in the past and your stance on both aircraft, but I’ll take your word for it.

That doesn’t check out at all. The F-2 was submitted to the devs a full year before the F-15A/J (granted that was a kind of special suggestion event but the EJ Kai was on there too and it’s here). On top of that, the XF-2A was submitted to the devs twice on the old and new forums (and the F-15A/J as not been). Let’s also not forget the F-2A early suggestion that just got passed to the devs.

So not only was the F-2 airframe been looked at before the F-15, but multiple variants have been passed to the devs over time. The F-15J also could be split into multiple variants and suggestions have been made as such but have not yet been passed.

Yes, “at this time” which would be about 7 months and a couple major updates ago. They mentioned the actual production F-2 would come in a “few major updates”, which leaves the XF-2A as something that either comes before the F-2 or relegated to an event vehicle after the production F-2 arrives. Depending on your definition of few, the next update or the update after would be fair game (and of course standard disclaimer of everything is subject to change).

I want to see the F-15J in the game too, but I want to at least back it up with supporting evidence first. So far we have one suggestion post in the old forums that has been passed and an open post in the new forums that has not. Meanwhile the F-2 and XF-2 have a combined 4 submissions, 2 from old and 2 from new and the production F-2 itself has been given a rough (and loose) estimation of when it could show up.

they arent made by gaijin, pandramodo made them(afaik)

This is a flawed logic imo, there 's hardly any evidence that the " Passed to the Devs " series is related to the development cycle of new vehicles. It 's a gauge of player interest, but not much deeper than that.

I agree towards the effect of suggestions passed to the developers doesn’t mean the vehicle is coming soon. Heck it’s not even required to pass something to the devs to see it in-game. The F-16AJ was denied, if I remember correctly, when it was suggested, yet here we are.

I only bring it up because they were using passed suggestions as evidence for the F-15J supposedly being worked on earlier than the X/F-2 and if passed suggestions had merit, then it would actually be hurting their case.


I wasn’t using passed to devs as evidence, I was using it to substantiate other points.
F-15J’s BR is here, 12.3.
F-16 Block 60 & F-2’s BRs aren’t here yet.
F-15J[C] can be added to 3 tech trees & would’ve been given priority on that alone.
As I said previously, I want F-2 more than most. F-15J being added means we’re one step closer to F-2.
And it’s well known that the final XF-2A prototypes had the AESA radar.


@Smin1080p is there a reason why russian ERA is in groups while chinese ones are individual? dunno where else to ask this

It’s do with damage model. Can’t remember the exact reasoning for it. Some tanks really suffer because of it and lose there whole ERA array when one gets hit.

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Actually, no torpedo currently in the CDK matches the silver-black-silver w/ stabilizing ring of this torpedo - this is something else !

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Using them as evidence to substantiate other points? It’s one in the same…

I don’t think you have a bearing on this as we don’t even have F-15s in the game yet and have no idea how they will perform. Did you accurately predict how the Mig-29 and F-16A were going to perform before their introduction, even though their flight models were changed multiple times? This is where I take issue in making not assumptions but guarantees without evidence.

That reasoning doesn’t hold. I already mentioned to you that the EJ is at 11.0 and EJ Kai at 11.7. Just because there’s no 11.3 doesn’t mean we can’t move to 11.7.

Yes, and this is good reasoning, however, F-2 is based off block 40 F-16C with some structural differences. In other words, in terms of game development, it’s most of the way modeled already and also has several variants of its own that could be reused. Makes more sense to get it done now before moving to a completely new airframe (though they could also be working on it simultaneously).

As @TyphoonCro mentioned, unless you have insider info, I don’t see any evidence that suggests we are closer to the F-15J because to my knowledge Gaijin has not stated any plans of when to expect the F-15. In addition, saying it will be here by December is pure speculation.

Well that’s what they eventually used, but we also know that it could use the F-16Cs radar and it was considered (presumably in the event that the J/APG-1 was not ready) (looking at the old forums, apparently the earlier testing DID use APG-68, which if true, means XF-2A can show up without AESA radar and still be accurate). APG-68 also shows up in the documentation.

Also let’s not ignore the fact that it was a prototype AESA radar, so its capabilities would be weaker than the production variant. In other words, more ways Gaijin can play around with AESA implementation however they want, realistic or not, giving them full plausible deniability.

I can understand being hesitant on the production F-2 (I am as well), but nothing is holding Gaijin back tech wise to introduce the XF-2A into the game.


My friend said they looked liked guided torpedoes

Jesus Christ gaijin remove that fucking fog man It’s so annoying

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So did I, the weird thing abt it is that it doesn’t look like any of the ones we already have ingame.

From their answers when the F-16AJ was introduced, it seems like they want to move straight into production-spec F-2 's - when the XF was proposed as an alternative to the AJ, their main points against it was that little was known abt it1, and that it couldn’t provide a guided CAS option for mixed battles2.

We’re moving closer to platforms having parity w/ the F-2 as is; the technical hindrances which seem to necessitate an XF-2 may not be planned to exist by as soon as the end of this year. Esp. if they still consider it to be a sidegrade to the AJ - apart from it 's lack of guided CAS capability - rather than being an intermediary between that and the full F-2* as the direction of discussion of the XF has taken now.

*( and F-15J, but we still don’t have any evidence towards F-15 's coming to any nation )

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Yea the main point of contention to why we got the AJ instead of XF-2 was that the XF-2 would still not solve the issue of no standoff CAS for Japan and the AJ seemed to be a good fit to fill that gap.

As for as I’m aware, the XF-2 and F-2 would in terms of modelling is the same (besides the paint job of course)? The biggest elephant in the room is AESA and what that means for War Thunder top tier, both in implementation and meta shift. It’s a lot easier to sell an XF-2 with F-16C radar using existing armaments, than what an actual F-2 with AESA might be.

I’m of the opinion that Gaijin knows there’s a big demand for F-2, has formally addressed it, and now we’re at tech parity at least as far as the prototype is concerned. As such, the path of least resistance is pointing towards some form of an F-2 (along with contemporaries from other nations).

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I believe it’s an ET52, which I don’t believe is in the files yet.

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Am gonna leave this here! this is the Operation Rattlesnake!!! Gulf War 1991 guys! and we are now in this period of time in the game.