Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

My setup basically means i have to stand to use it and i’m too lazy to change that, otherwise i’d buy a HOTAS and Keyboard and mouse etc. Currently debating making a switch to PC to solve all of that.

Was the IRL tactic. The FA2 was very fuel effecient and quite happy at that height and had the radar to back it up. In BVR, the extra alt gave it a clear advantage. Tornado F3s really struggled past 20k without full AB.

In game, Im not sure, with hte new RWR and maybe ECM it could be good to do. It really depends on radar modes and if we get some improved radar controls

I think it will be a lot better than SARHs in this aspect, as it has it’s on guidance radar, I think a lot of the SARH’s problems is that the guiding radar beam is affected by multipathing, and because the ARH has it’s own radar it’s going to see the target a lot clearer (I don’t know if this is how it works, just a speculation)

I don’t have enough buttons on KBM XD

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Well if my F-14B bug report ever gets read then ECM would be practically useless against it.

AAM-3 would only bump EJ Kai’s BR. It would only become less effective at higher BR. Completely pointless addition.

F-14B - TCS not able to slave the radar // // Issues

Prehaps half and half, keep radar lock till its really close and then turn away to defend at the last second might be good, so its semi-intertially guided. But at the least the same will be true in reverse in ARH to ARH

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Such as…?

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Yeah Tornado engines are notably sub-par for a fighter aircraft. Is there anything IRL that the Tornado has as an edge over the F-14D? To me it seems as if the Tornado is just worse by every metric?

I’m not very knowledgeable about how this new fangled equipment works, all I know is click the pew pew button and I might get a kill

Brazil would be perfect for an Italian sub tree for example, would provide many unique vehicles, but now that’s too late.

Not the original guy but if i’m not mistaken the most modern Brazilian tank would’ve been the EE-1 Osorio but thats half built by Vickers and never entered service.

EE-T1/2 would be 10.3 max

The most modern vehicle Brazil bought (last year) is the Centauro 2


That’s what I mean, I can’t think of anything top tier worthy for Brazil. Its better than their Leopard 1’s and M60’s but not top tier worthy. I believe they have some Centauro’s too but again not top tier worthy.

I just want the AMX series of aircraft smh



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