Kinda not related but I write a novel about M1 Abrams Isekai

Hello I’m a Light Novel author and I write a novel with M1 abrams that transported into another world. I don’t have first hand experience with that tank but I do some little research and I hope it is accurate enough lol. So if you’re interested reading my book I will provide a link for that. I need your insight on how can I improve it and even if its so highly fictional, I will make it realistic as possible.[M1 ABRAMS ISEKAI WN LINK]

You’re having a chatbot write it?

An M1 would be operational for a matter of hours or days before it ran out of fuel or broke-down. Do you have a magical endless supply of fuel, parts, and mechanics for it in your story?

Yep, that would be the challenges that need to overcome by the mc later on. Maybe I will put some magical things on it but still make it technical.

And I don’t have a chat bot

Yeah i don’t know about this one chief

It may be translating errors but this whole thing kinda screams Ai


Be funny if there was a series where a Mage in another world had a summon ability that didn’t bring forth fantasy creatures, but rather semi-sentient military vehicles with magical supplies to do her bidding.

Kinda like this meme.


This is both very funny and very impressive. Well done!

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