Ki-148 Missile - Controller

Hi everyone,

I have a specific question : How control the Ki-148 with a PlayStation controller ? I can’t do anything with the first test of the missile.


It is the same controls as all other manually guided missiles/bombs. If the reciever on the missile test is broken, you cant control it.

I had a bunch of problems on PlayStation as well.

I had to bind:
Fire air to ground missile - it does not seem to work with the secondary.
Yaw axis for aimed weapons
Pitch axis for aimed weapons
Change view (my default was cockpit which didn’t work well for aiming)

Several times immediately after the required tutorial firing of the missile, the mission would fail. I could immediately restart, but the previously fired missile would still be in the air. Firing again worked, but it took many tries and much weirdness to get my first missile test completed.

My understanding is there is also a chance that the missile doesn’t respond to commands due to a broken part. If the tutorial part shows the yaw and pitch axis functioning, but the missile does not change course that may be the case.

Good luck!

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