Khrabriy-class Gunboat, Krasnoye Znamya - Refurbished Relic

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Khrabriy-class Gunboat, Krasnoye Znamya

Krasnoye Znamya in the 1950s, by then the lend-lease radars had been replaced with Soviet models.

Coastal vessel, heavily armoured and slow gunboat with the firepower of a large destroyer.

An armoured gunboat ordered under the 1891 Programme of the Imperial Russian Navy for service in the Gulfs of Finland and Riga, commissioned in 1897 and originally named “Khrabriy” (Brave). It was refitted during WW1 and took part in the Battle of Moon Sound. It survived both the Great War and the Russian Civil War, being taken over by the Soviets and renamed “Krasnoye Znamya” (Red Banner). In the 1920s it was converted into a training ship, but from 1937-1939 it was extensively refitted and modernized with the superstructure completely rebuilt, armour increased, new guns installed, and a new fire control system fitted, and resumed its role as a gunboat. It served in the Baltic Fleet during WW2 bombarding enemy positions, and by 1942 was the largest Soviet surface ship still in active operation on the Baltic. In November of that year it was torpedoed off the island of Lavensaari by Finnish MTBs.

In 1943 its wreck was salvaged and it was repaired and recommissioned in 1944, additionally being rearmed with more modern weaponry and in 1945 lend-lease radar. By the late 1950s it was designated a training ship and then an accommodation hulk, and was decommissioned and scrapped in 1960.

Specifications (1945):

5x1 130 mm B-13
7x1 37mm 70-K
1x1 DShK MG
50 mines

Armour: (Harvey Steel + RHA)
125mm centre belt, tapering to 76mm at lower edge
102-70mm fore belt
76mm aft belt
38mm bulkhead ends
38-25mm deck
25mm conning tower

1530 tons standard
1790 tons full

Length: 72.5m

Beam: 12.7m

Draft: 3.9m

Propulsion: 2 vertical triple expansion steam engines with 2 Normand boilers, 2200 hp, driving 2 shafts

Speed: 14 knots (25.9 km/h)

Range: 1100 nmi (at 8 knots)

Crew: 218

Mina FCS
KDP2-4 Fire director
Type 284 Tracking radar
Type 291 Search radar
Aft Rangefinder



Screenshot (301)
After being rebuilt in 1944

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What an interesting ship! I feel like getting a model of it

I would love to see it in the game. It seems like it will be tanky if the magazines are safe.
Thank you for suggesting it.