Kh29T Display?

Is the Screen Display of the Kh-29T in Color or black and white?
(Su-17/22 M4)
ive seen both variants and will post SS below.
meanwhile, @Gunjob whats it supposed to be?

Black and white display

Full colour display

Don’t know, Russian weapons aren’t exactly my wheel house.

ooff, maybe u can ask the guys who programmed this?

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well ill take the brief color display as a happy bug

With TV weapons on other aircraft, I think you can toggle it with the NVD key. Tried that?

If its on different aircraft then prehaps its to model different displays used in the cockpit?

nah this is a one mode display.
i think the display showing up in full HD color may be a bug but i aint gonna report it.
the 29T is hard enough to use as it is

There is a bit of a bug around with other AGMs like that. The image may display as color one but the seeker may also bug out and not lock onto anything like that.
I tend to just switch back to the agm view if that happens usually

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