I’m using this Dev server video from Zenturion7 as reference:

So my question to the Developers is the following:
This plane is clearly indicated as a CAS plane for Ground Battles.

How are ground bases units supposed to counter these planes?

The VT-1 missiles have a range of 12km and 8km if you want a chance to control them.
They are the top tier Anti-Air missiles, yet the vehicles launching them will be dead before the enemy plane is even within maximum range.

I understand that “you can always hop in a fighter” to deal with these vehicles, but I’m playing a SPAA usually because there are not enough SP left to get a fighter up.

So, for the sake of balance, how? How are we supposed to defend ourselves from these CAS options?

PS: Yes, you can pop smoke and break the lock…if you have a LWR and smoke.

They are not,… Military Aviation always come with weapons to be able to destroy Air defences in first place,… and that is exactly why the game is showing us about: on that side it is realistic.

Therefore, you can simply try to avoid that SEAD systems by destroying them mid air with a gun, or hide being cover.

stop crying LGB also can do the same thing in-game.

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The title is misleading. The LGB was dropped at a distance of ~15km, still out of range for NATO SAMs though, but not a kill from more than 20km.


We can largely make those bombs to loft a little, from speed and altitude, it is possible to drop from 20km,…

The only new thing with this missile is that it is immune to the S1 that’s pretty much everything.
Before the introduction of S1 it was already possible to toss bomb from 14 km on any AAA.

Though this technic with NATO bomb has been nerfed since we can’t drop them in supersonic speed now