Kh-29TD not working in night battles

The Kh-29TD AGM won’t lock or fire in night battles even though the target(s) are clearly visible.
Link to short video:

Optical/TV guided missiles and bombs do not work at night

The KH-29TD or other missiles like the Maverick and even bombs like the Walleye rely on an optical seeker to lock onto and track targets. They don’t directly lock onto tanks but a contrast. During the night there is not enough light for the seeker to make out a clear difference. Yes ofc the ground was illuminated by the lightening shell but that’s not programmed in the game yet.

Aka. Not a bug, a ✨feature✨


So does that mean that the USSR has no night-capable air-to-ground guided munitions for planes (except laser-guided ones I suppose)?
I know the Su-25T has NVD but does that work with the TV guided munitions?

Yep only the laser guided weapons are useable at night. Russia doesn’t have access to AGM with an IR seeker yet. E.g.: AGM65D, Spike, PARS