Kg Bombs are too weak

The Kg Bombs in the game have about the same Damage as Lbs Bombs with the same amount of weight in Lbs, wich is just wrong and cannot be argumented with balancing. Kg Bombs should be double as leathal or Lbs Bombs should be be half as deadly as currently implemented in Game.
For example a 500Kg Bomb has roughly the same damage and area as a 500 Lbs Bombs wich only has half the TNT equivalent of the 500Kg Bomb wich is untterly retarded.

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the measuring system has nothing to do with a bomb’s explosive mass. It is more likely that the nations that used KG as a measuring system had bombs with less explosive mass. No correlation, whatsoever


it depends on which bombs are you looking at but generally the 500kg bombs does more damage than a 500lb, for example the russian 500kg bombs does much more damage than the us 500lb bombs, besides if im not mistaken all bombs are coded in kg


This isn’t true. Bombs have different damage in game and a 500kg does far more damage than a 500Ib usually


Wow, idk how much more wrong you can get than this… XD


Double the boom juice =! double the boom

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Generally speaking, it varies by nation, Russian bombs are heavy, but don’t have much explosives, German bombs are decent for their Weight:Boom ratio, and American bombs are generally the best.

Super short answer is, read the Explosive mass equivalent, it gives a better approximation.

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and therefore damage in Bombs etc are just linear in this game^^

Meanwhile someone who tryna have fun in their Maus


100lbs = 45kg lol

Me when my Maus getting destroyed by firecrackers

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There’s a lot more to bombs than just the total weight.

Explosive mass - actual amount of explosive which is not a fixed ratio even between countries manufacturing equivalent bombs.

TNT equivalent - different explosive fillers can have very different blast effects.

Bomb category - AP, SAP, MC, GP, HC, Incendiary, cluster, chemical, antiaircraft, anti-submarine, smoke, practice. … All have different cases and fuses that will determine just how much explosion filler can be squeezed inside.

On modem bombs you can also add guidance kits, glide wings, rockets motors etc all of which add weight with no increase in explosive mass.

You only have to compare some of the GP and AP bomb equivalents in game to see the large differences that can result. It’s why the oft requested Tallboy and Grandslam are usually noted as being useless for a game that simply doesn’t require penetration/bunker buster/earthquake bombs, just take basic HC cookies (4/8/12000lb) instead.

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My A6M2 with 60kgs works pretty well

You generally need that “perfect drop”, and being wing-mounted need a little bit of practice.

When I have failed with 1000lb bombs in almost spot-on drops but somehow get some juicey kills using the 60kg (heavies, just a perfect drop).

You’re right about that. And that’s also the core of what I’m getting at.
Why soften it now because some people aren’t willing to practise?
We already have enough bombs that cause extreme damage in some BRs (mostly in the mental strength of their own team). As soon as the first Pe-8 appears, many are out instead of doing something about the threat from above. Well … I’ve lamented about this often enough.
I’d be more in favour of finally “simulating” the bomb blast effect properly - too often you’re behind rocks and cover and the blast wave just sweeps through. Even if I’m standing in a small depression far below the impact, I get killed.
It’s the blast wave that does the real damage with big bombs. And this cannot work through solid rock.

How much a bomb weighs is different from how much explosive filler is in them and how much damage that type of explosive does. All of those are modeled ingame.

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On a first view your topic is not backed with in-game reality, a fellow player above showed this - but you hit the important point balancing.

In order to understand the topic better you need to distinguish between the purpose of conventional bombs - in other words which effects shall neutralize which kind of targets.

  • A GP bomb uses the its steel body to create splinters, and the tnt load determines the distribution radius of splinters.
  • An AP bomb uses a certain amount of its hardened steel body to penetrate armour and has therefore less explosive filler (look at Fritz X)
  • Bombs designed to kill with shockwaves are usually described as mines, they have usually a rather light shell but a very high amount of explosive filler

Regarding balancing:

  • Imho you might to do some research in the old forum regarding balancing decisions by gaijin (aka as nerfes) regarding explosion radius (most famous the German SC 1.800) or deliberately choosing wrong (type of explosive mass) fillers in order to “weaken” certain bombs / nations. Best example: This bug report denying German mains correct fillers (with ofc higher TNT output).

  • Another example of “balancing” was the allocation of bombs with less explosive fillers, most obvious example was the hidden tnt loadout nerf of Tu-2 bombers, gaijin replaced bombs with higher tnt output with bombs with lower tnt output. As a sidenote: The very rare 4.3 gift Tu-2 got actually buffed :-)

Regarding other statements in this thread:

  • Killing a tank with a small bomb (like in case of the Maus above) was irl impossible due to missing accuracy, actual attack angles and very low risk of over-pressure. I read some time ago about German tests with USSR 100 kg bombs on Pz 38 (t) targets in ranges to 3-5 meters - with poor results .

  • Imho base bombing in Air RB is the best example that we talk about a pure fantasy game. If you bomb a base in Air RB in a B7A2 using a 800 kg bomb (and 0.429 tons of TNT equivalent), you won’t kill the base. If you use the 10 x 60 kg payload - 9 of them (with 0.23 tons TNT equivalent) kills every base.

Certainly not my experience in any way, shape, or form.

Got some replays to back this up?

I’m sorry but do you understand what the measurement of weight is?
Cause 2500 lbs is not equivalent to a 2500 kg bomb.
A 2500 lb bomb exactly a 1250 KG bomb.
LBs are simply (/2).
So a 50 lb bomb is just a 25 Kg bomb.
Others explained other points you made far better.

i mean… its literally not truth. The soviet 500kg does the damage that can be compared with american 1000lbs bombs. And the 500lbs does the damage close to 250kgs.

Only roughly, not exactly, a lb is not 500g, an Imperial standard pound was 0.45359243 kg, also during WW2 Britain and the US used different measures for a pound, hence there is a difference in kg between british and US bombs with the same lb value.

As to OP, it strongly depends what kind of bomb you use, a 1600lb AN-Mk1 AP bomb has about a third less explosive mass than a 500lb AN-M64A1 bomb

I know it isn’t exactly. But I could careless about the technicalities. Their not really that important to the point established however thanks for providing more info for anyone who is more curious.

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