Kfir history and armament (first flight to retirement of service)

All history of the Kfir C.1,C.2,C.7 etc can be posted here as long as it is Historically Accurate and backed up by legit Fact not made up or inaccurate Documents. Now lets begin Gentlemen

Screenshot 2023-09-03 at 17-34-18 IAI Kfir - Specifications (Kfir C.2) Specifications (Kfir C2)

Page 18-19 i can’t get screenshots but this should do

I will say the engine the wiki war thunder shows j79-ge-17 is completely inaccurate due to licensing issues with Israel Bedek Division-built General Electric J79-J1E was used up untill c.7 with the improved Turbojet engine with 1000 lb’s for thrust

its been sometime since posting this issue