Kfir Canard worth it?

With the sale hopefully around the corner, I’m looking for a good Israel plane to help with the grind. Just started the Israel tree and thinking of buying the Canard. A lot of the videos I see on YT give mixed reviews. Some say good, some say bad. So, anyone able to give an idea of if the Canard will be worth it? Also, anyone by chance remember what the Canard cost during the past few sales?

If 50% off sale, $54.5 NZD.

It’s an alright plane, it’s a delta so can pull high AOA but bleeds most of it’s speed in a turn, it gets AIM-9G which are amazing missiles, has flares, is supersonic, it’s pretty average

Basically conveys the feel of the previous C.2 (which was almost the same plane as the canard until Python was added)

Good points
・Comfortable acceleration and turning performance, different from Mirage III and comparable to Gen4 jets
・Reliable AIM-9G
・Currently many 12.0-11.0 matches, 10.7 is easily advantageous with matchmakers. Lots of down-tier matches

・With 12.3 being released in the next major update, 10.7 is expected to have somewhat more middle matches.
・Poor radar, no SARH missiles
・Low CM

I personally remember it was a great aircraft. A friend of mine had also purchased a canard and he said it was a great buy.

The Canard is good although not represented correctly by Gaijin correctly in one known performance cough (Russian Bias)Cough factor albeit and good buy for grinding Israel tech tree

Thank you everyone for the reply. If it goes on a decent sale, I think I’ll buy it.

Great aircraft, ran it with the two gun pods and the AIM-9G. Had a 9 kill game with it, its very silly. Don’t bomb bases, waste of a good airframe. Completed the whole Israeli air tree over the past event in one go.


I love the Kfir Canard, favorite aircraft before I got my Netz :D

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It’s a killing machine.

Kind of surprised its not on sale for the anniversary sale.