KF41 needs to 10.3?

Is it good in 10.7? it seems like a worse armor puma with 2 spikes.

It’s a bad IFV imo. It has less armor than a Puma, is larger in size and the turret is not unmanned. The 30mm gun is very weak for 10.7 standards and the Ahead munition (which is also found on the Puma) still doesn’t work how it is supposed to. The Spikes are are definitely a looker but useless since they are quite unreliable, you can’t hit anything that’s 300m in front of you due to the launcher elevation and you only get 2 shots.

Currently it’s most definitely not worthy of being a 10.7 vehicle. Take the 10.3 Freccia if you have it unlocked. It’s by far a better choice.

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just like the Puma the model of the KF41 is completly wrong and would be quite a bit more heavily armored

yeah it is nerfed, real weight is 0.16kg not the 0.1kg in game, the difference would increases the spall damage by quite a bit

nerfed as well, needs higher penetration /better targeting. And it could get 2 more for reloading that are carried in the IFV. Currently they are the same as the Spike MR of the freccia

yeah thats what a lot of people do

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I doubt Spikes are ever gonna be good on this vehicle, they are way too situational with how they are mounted.

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Fine, I haven’t unlocked it, I just wondering if it deserves 10.7 , because till now it is really hard to find someone plays it.

Does anyone report it as an issue?

oh yeah it is