KF41 Lynx Discussion thread

Noticed there was no thread for this tank.

I really like its style and I think it has a lot of potential, but its implementation is horrible. It didn’t even shoot straight when they first added it, and it seems like that’s the only bug they bothered to fix in several months. The APS and Spike remain useless, and you still lose all your ammo if you get shot in the turret (including the ammo stored in the hull).

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Why 10.7? Why only 2 Spikes? How could they release it in this state?

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There is no thread because the german playerbase mostly doesnt want anything to do wth the KF41 vehicle until they got their own version.
The information for Hungarians is realy limited since most is in german so its hard for them to actualy find bugs/ model mistakes.

That or the thread would just end up with us saying and discussing how it should be in the german tree as well

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well ig the Hungarians gotta support our cause if they want us to support theirs

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44 Tons… and the (still useless) APS is only made of 15mm RHA? A full ton more than the PUMA?

Only 2 Spikes with no backup ammo?
Even the Freccia has 8.

The Spikes are also a copypaste of the MR, the LR2 should have 5.5 Kilometer range fired from a ground vehicle, the MR only 2.5 km, but if you test it you will see they both lose control after the same flight time.

According to the Wiki and Raphael’s website the MR had 700mm pen with no tandem charge, starting at the LR they had a tandem warhead with around 900mm of penetration.


Found out the other day that the Strikeshield should intercept KE, today it can’t even stop an AS 11



Idek why this vehicle is so gimped it could add a genuinely interesting vehicle that would make Italy a more competitive. It would give the worst top tier nation something interesting and useful. I am so so sorry for everyone in this chat.

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From what I see in this vehicle is that it should have more then 2 spikes cause that’s pretty much all you have to kill tanks cause how useless the 30mm is. Due to it being 10.7 the KF41 gets nonstop uptiers to 11.0 which make it pretty useless, its like using a 9.0 in 11.0.
Another thing I noticed is the new event vehicle the Vilkas is a 10.3 with a 30mm that gets around the same penetration as the KF41 and it gets 4 spikes and its much faster while the KF41 is 10.7.

+0.3 probably because of the KF41 APS that can’t stop a basic TOW

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@Gunjob @_David_Bowie @Smin1080p
Could you accept this report, it has been unanswered for 4 months


it doesnt even work against he or atgms half of the time lol

All moderators simply ignore this bug report, on the ru forum too

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KF-41 StrikeShield aps underperforming
At least something might get fixed.

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I like how my report from 4 months ago about essentially the same thing is still ignored but this one is processed in 4 days.

we just massage mods to look over it xD

This guy literally did that 3 weeks ago but w/e

message aint pinging, there is a difference