KF 41 seems too high in BR

The KF41 is one of the hardest vehicles to play right now.

To play it properly you need to flank but it’s so big that it’s very easy to spot. On maps where flanking is more difficult it cannot do anything against MBTs frontally. Other IFVs have missles that can save them like the Bradley, BMP4m, the other Italian IFVS and even the Japanese.

This forces you to play at long range and use spikes as they won’t hit a target that’s closer than 400m reliably. You only have two of these and in most of my games only one connects and sometimes it doesn’t outright kill the tank as it hits the gun barrel way too often.

So in the end you’re left with a PUMA gun at 10.7. It’s workable when downtiered but god awful when it’s uptiered as the higher tiers are more MBT heavy.

It’s a great looking vehicle and I am enjoying the novelty but to be honest it doesn’t really support any Italian lineup. I think i deserves to go down in BR at least to 10.3.

APS doesn’t work 90% of the time. Armor is very bad E.g the vehicle is rated to survive against auto cannons and I got killed by a t80’s 12.7mm MG frontally. Spikes detonating mid-air for no reason. Crew gets clapped by any centre mass hit.

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It’s basically just a PUMA with two useless ATGM and looks better

I think it could be fine at 10.7 but its just added poorly. The gun is mediocre at best and downright bad when all you fight are MBTs that you cant pen anywhere over their frontal arc, AHEAD continues to not be modeled properly so it doesnt work as an spaa, the APS is nearly useless right now because all APS isnt working properly, it only gets 2 missiles for some reason even though freccia at almost a full BR lower gets 8, Spike-LR2’s are still just a copy paste of the MR, the ammo isnt modeled properly so 2 belts are stored in the blowout rack on the roof while only one is stored in the hull, the missiles dont dynamically decide whether they should be in direct or top attack mode so they will always try to loft, this, combined with the fact that the launcher isnt adjustable results in a minimum range of about 350m, I cant find any hard evidence of this anywhere but I am certain that it should be more heavily armored given the thing weighs only 2 tons less than a BVM, plus a million other issues that Im sure exist that I havent found yet.

Every time I play it I just think “what am I meant to be doing in this vehicle?” I dont have the firepower and/or speed to flank MBTs, my missiles cant hit close targets so Im not meant to be brawling, I only get 2 missiles so I cant be a missile carrier. It just needs work before it will be a viable choice even at 10.7 let alone at 11.3 or 11.7 where its likely to be played given the fact that italy doesnt have a 10.7 lineup for it to slot into.