War Thunder’s default keybinds are pretty shit in my experience: a lot of important functions like the tank’s rangefinder and aircraft sight stabilization aren’t bound by default. It’s servicable, but if anyone has recommendations for keybinds I should add/change, lmk.

As you progress up the ranks check WT wiki on new vehicles you aquire for iteams you have not used vefore and test drive them

I put some of my key bind into my mouse like range finder an thermal, i would also suggest make combo key binds like for example i put right mouse click and space for looking guided boombs, hope this helps

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What is the keybind to switch to a nuke plane without leaving your tank in ground rb? I couldn’t do it the other day because I couldn’t find a button or menu option for it.
I see in controls something called “Switch to mission control vehicle”. Is that it?

If you don’t want to lose your keybinds on the left hand corner is an option to import or export blk files aka the binds.

Currently the default keybinds are broken and no-one has actually come to recognize it.

It’s quite severe to be honest.

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In my opinion the best keybinds are the ones you make or create.
Since you are the one making it.

Also i believe most of us have custom keybinds.

Honestly, there aren’t that many keybinds, you have to setup by yourself, unless you play high ranks with advanced systems.

Keybinds for Ground, I had to setup:

  • Binoculars (very frequently used, too far away at default “B”, I have it on the mouse side button)
  • Mark target for squad (ping button, not binded by default, used frequently both solo and in squad)
  • Range finder (optional, used occasionaly as it depends on playstyle, experience and the type of vehicle, I have it on caps lock)
  • Free look (used frequently, default “C” prevents to use it comfortably when driving, I have it on mouse, I have seen it on “Alt” which is also good)

There are other possibly useful keybinds that I have seen used or use by myself, like gun select, or target spot, but these are useful only for some vehicles and only in some situations or don’t have to be changed from default.

Problem with too many keybinds is that they tend to be hard to remember if you don’t use them all the time.