Keeping helicopter in place while guiding ATGM

Hello, I have been playing Helicopters for a while and one issue I always have is that the heli is moving forward when i guide the ATGM instead of standing still as I would like it to be. I know that there is a hover function, but this makes you an easy target and you cannot evade incoming shots.

Is there a way to now fly forward while huiding ATGM? Maybe I am missing a key or something ?

You can control your helicopter with keyboard when you guiding your missile with your mouse.

tilt your machine backwards (basically, turn up your nose) for brake the speed to the forward.

If you point the nose of your helicopter up you will begin accelerating backwards. Pointing the nose down makes it accelerate forwards. You only need to point the nose of the helicopter at the target for firing the ATGM, as soon as it’s off the rails you can put the nose back to a neutral position and then switch to your gunner sight to guide the ATGM.

I know that, I was hoping for a more convenient “trick” :) tilting backwards causes sometimes losing control of the ATGM (if you tilt too much and lose sight of the target)