Keen vision in GRB

Does keen vision work in GRB? I have had no pointers or alarts for enemy tanks from my crew

If so what does it do, ive tried to see it watching replays

Yea, it does…

Afaik it increase the range at which you spot targets with scouting.

It does work but it’s a pretty garbage skill in GRB and should be a very low priority for crew upgrades.

Kind of how i have been thinking about it, with improved optics is it really needed the way maps are shrinking

Keen vision dosen’t impact your render distance, it gives you a little red arrow pointing to where an enemy is, but its range is somewhat short and it is very inconsistent at spotting enemies you haven’t already seen.

I was referring to spotting, and i have yet to see little red triangles, in fact i believe its a distraction looking for them. But yeah thanks for settling my mind on the skill