Kamov Ka-28

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Kamov Ka-28




The Helix, officially known as the Kamov Ka-27, is a military helicopter that was originally developed for the Soviet Navy. Currently, it is utilized by several countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, China, South Korea, and India. This versatile aircraft has different variants including the Ka-29 assault transport, the Ka-28 export version with reduced capabilities, and the Ka-32 designed for civilian purposes. The tail of the Ka-27 is constructed using a combination of aluminum alloy frame and composite material for the skin. Powering the Ka-27 are two TV3-117KM turboshaft engines, each generating 1,660 kW, while the Ka-28 is equipped with two TV3-117BK engines.

The aircraft is equipped with external fuel tanks that are permanently installed, it can also carry either dipping sonar or MAD during a mission, but not both simultaneously. It does not have a rescue winch or cargo hook.

In 1997, Russia delivered 2 Ka-28 helicopters, followed by 3 KA-28PS helicopters in 1999, and 9 Ka-28 helicopters from 2009 to 2010. By 2024, at least one KA-28PS has been upgraded with 2nd Generation FLIR.

The Ka-28 is equipped by the Sovremenny I, Sovremenny II, Sovremenny III, Luyang II, Luyang III, Luhai, Jiangkai I, and Jiangkai II ships.

Technical Data


Crew - 3

Length - 11.3 m

Height - 5.5 m

Width - (?)

Empty Weight - 6,500 kg

Gross Weight - 11,000 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 12,000 kg

Main Rotor Diametre - 15.8 m

Powerplant - 2 x TV3-117BK Turboshaft Engines (1,160 kW)

Max Speed - 270 km/h

Cruising Speed - 230 km/h

Range - 800 km

Service Ceiling - 6,000 m


1 x APR-3E Torpedo

8 x PLAB-250-120 DC Depth Bombs

2 x KAB-250-100PL Guided Depth Charges

16 x RGB-16 Sonobuoys


Izumrud Sonobuoy processor

Osminog Radar

VGS-3 Ros-V Dipping Sonar









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+1 Ka-28 for china and original Ka-27 for russia

What BR would it go at? It doesn’t have the greatest weaponry

If it was introduced with fellow naval helicopters (Helicopters + submarine warfare) , I’d say 8.3-8.7, as is right now, probably in the 7.0~ range

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