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Brief History
The Korean Armoured Fighting Vehicle (KAFV) was a program undertaken in the late 1990s to mount a number of different turrets and weapons on a K200A1 KIFV hull, primarily for the export market. However, none of the vehicles were successful. The K200 KIFV itself was based on the American M113, and the two share a number of characteristics. The K200A1 was an upgraded variant, featuring a better engine, transmission and survivability.

The KAFV-90, referred to in sales brochures as simply ‘90mm Turret Vehicle’, mounts an unstabilised 90mm Cockerill Mk. III M-A1 gun in a 2-man turret. This gun changes the 3-baffle muzzle brake as seen on the Mk. I-III to a single-baffle muzzle brake, enabling the gun to fire M652A1 APFSDS rounds, as well as the standard M620A1 HEAT-FS rounds. The turret appears to be almost identical to that of the American LAV-150-90, just with the different cannon (LAV uses the standard Mk. III), and was made by Textron Marine and Land Systems (Cadillac Gage). The gun can depress -8º/+28º, and can traverse 30º/second both horizontally and vertically. There are 6 smoke grenade launchers on either side of the turret.

The K200A1 chassis has a 350hp engine, capable of reaching a top speed of 70km/h. The vehicle weighs 13.7t in total, of which 2.2 tons are the turret. The vehicle has a crew of 3 – 1 driver, 1 gunner and 1 commander, with the driver being the only crew member in the hull.

The vehicle is thinly armoured – it has a base aluminium structure, with add-on spaced armour all around. It is said to only protect against 12.7mm rounds frontally and along the sides.

The KAFV 90 would be a fun light tank for a future United Korean tech tree, or alternatively a South Korean sub-tree. It would play very similarly to the C13 T90 in the Italian tree at 7.0, but with the option for Gaijin to add it with APFSDS rounds at a slightly higher BR.


  • Cockerill Mk. III M-A1
    • M620A1 HEAT-FS
      • 250mm at 0º at 10m
    • M625A1 HESH
      • 102mm at 0º at 10m
    • M652A1 APFSDS
      • 100mm at 60º at unknown distance
  • Elevation angles
    • -8º/+28º
  • Traverse speed
    • 30º/second horizontal
    • 30º/second vertical


  • Spaced armour, resists 12.7mm rounds across the front and sides


  • Speed
    • 70km/h
  • Weight
    • 13.7t
  • Engine power
    • 350hp, 25.5hp/t




  • Small scale model




Sales brochure

Army Guide
K200 - 나무위키


I dont like this in wargame, however, every vehicle featured in wargame is an automatic +1 from me.


Reminds me of the C13 T90. Hope it plays better than it! +1

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Damn, accidentally voted for this as ‘no’ because I thought it’s chinese vehicle.

any way to change my vote? :D

click show vote! then you can change it

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