K9 Vidar - 12.7mm ammunition mixture & definition



Hello, after doing some research, I have found information regarding the ammunition for various vessels, including K9 Vidar and the ammunition used in the 12.7mm M2 Browning machinegun we have on it

NM140 is in extensive use internationally. This is a multi purpose ammunition type for 12.7 mm NATO ammunition from Norwegian / Finnish Nammo, and is produced in Norway by Nammo Raufoss AS. This is called the MK211 by the American army. The projectile consists of an armor-piercing tungsten carbide core and consists of an incendiary and explosive component, therefore it easily penetrates armor and damages personnel and material inside the vehicle. NM140 also has a version with tracer which we call NM160 and is a multi purpose tracer round.

These (NM140 & NM160) are used in both sniper rifles and machine guns against aircraft, helicopters and light armored vehicles, and it is a MP, MP, MP-T mix of these that Norway uses on their machine guns, among others the M2 Browning machinegun

Tn the past, other mixtures of this ammunition were used, but in recent times MP, MP, MP-T are used. i attached a picture of one of the ammunition crates used, wich should show the mixture (2x MP, 1x MP-T) see 3rd & 4th picture

(Look closely in the picture above, and you will see the NM140/NM160 ammunition mixture being used on the M2 Browning wich we use on various vehicles)

The “NM” in NM140/160 means “Norwegian Model”


K9 Vidar - 12.7mm ammunition mixture & model


Norwegian Model - NM140
MP: Multi Purpose
Projectile weight: 43 g
Velocity: V24 903 m/s
Requirement maximum dispersion at 550 m
-Grade A SD ≤ 150 mm
-Grade B SD ≤ 300 mm
-Maximum dispersion at 550m Grade A SD ≤ 40–60 mm
Penetration requirement : 22 mm RHA at 100 m
Penetration capability: 10.6 mm steel 321–375 HB at 30° at 1000 m
Tracer: N/A
Safety temperature: -54°C to +71°C

Norwegian Model - NM160
MP-T: Multi Purpose Tracer
Projectile weight: 44 g
Velocity: V24 903 m/s
Requirement maximum dispersion at 550 m
-Grade A SD ≤ 200 mm
-Grade B SD ≤ 400 mm
-maximum dispersion at 550 m Grade A SD ≤ 100–120 mm
Penetration requirement: 22 mm RHA at 100 m
Penetration capability: 10.6 mm steel 321–375 HB at 30° at 1 000 m
Tracer Visible: < 200 m to ≥ 1 500 m
Service temperature: -54°C to +71°C
Safety temperature: -54°C to +71°C


-The 12.7x99mm Ammunition on the K9 Vidar in game should be replaced by the proper mixture of the NM140 MP and the NM160 MP-T and the penetration stats might have to be looked over as well and the definitions/stats
-Ammunition mixture: NM140 MP, NM140 MP, NM160 MP-T (MP, MP, MP-T)



Ammunition specifications provided by a handbook releades by the producer itself NAMMO
Published by NAMMO: 07.06.2023
NM140 Page: 56
NM160 Page: 57

ammunition crate 4th picture source
Ammunisjonskasse 12,7 i Pen stand. – Olav Teigen Maskinforretning

ammunition crate 5th picture source
Ladebånd - Setesdalsmuseet / DigitaltMuseum

ammunition crate 6th picture source
Forsvaret, Forsvarets langtidsplan | Et sterkere forsvar fra Ramsund til Kirkenes
Here we can see the ammunition crate with the NM140/NM160 mixture being used on the M2 Browning, the same machinegun we use on the K9 Vidar and other vehicles

ammunition crate 7th picture source
Here we can see the ammunition/mixture being used on one of the Norwegian M2 browning machineguns again, here on the HNoMS Roald Amundsen, wich also uses the 12.7mm M2 Browning. Published my NATO Maritime Command


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