K73 : The ASU 57's forgotten better brother

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Hey comrades! This is a suggestion on the K73 small tank destroyer.


After the Great Patriotic war, the IK design bureau started designing a pair of light armoured vehicles, the self propeled gun varient was given the designation of K 73 and its armoured personal carier counterpart was named K 75 both vehicle designs lead by A.F. Kravtsev. Two prototypes were made during 1949 by the Military Repair Plant No. 2 of the GBTU. In early 1950, the K 73 was aproved for testing. Testing went well and the K 73 met requirements, A.F. Kravtsev was a great driver and demonstrated the advantages of the K73 to the comission. The K73 also showed a few advantages compared to the ASU 57 from factory No.40. After the succesful tests, it should mean the vehicle was accepted for service right? However there will be an unfortunate turn of events. The Council of Ministers of the USSR gave a decree and it was decided to transfer all documents of K73 to the factory No.40, but the factory No.40 was already testing out a amphibious varient of the ASU 57, called the ASU 57P (Object 574). Atlast the K 73 was sent to the Kubinka Tank Museum where is is at display.

Place in game & play style:

This is a very moblie small tank, it is faster, more powerful and amphibious compared to the ASU 57, so it is ideal material to be placed after the ASU 57 around 4.7 to 5.7. The playstyle will be very similar to the ASU 57, with its low and tiny profile it is very hard to be spotted and can sneak around. The other play style is to be super agressive, rush to the sides of the enimies, hope they dont have the gun depression and destroy them.




K73 (foward) , ASU like object (i cant gaurentee) (middle) , tanks (back)

Differences to the similar models:

ASU 57:

The K73 first is amphibious and has a faster and more powerful engine.The ASU57 only had a top speed is 45km/h and only 56hp power engine. The chassis of the K73 was also drastically different. The K73 has 3 large road wheels and a rear drive sproket compared the the ASU’s 4 large road wheels and a front drive wheel. 3 roadwheels will make shooting on the move even harder as stability becomes worse.


ASU 57

Object 574:

The first thing notably different of the Obj.574 is it has a longer chassis compared to the K73. The chassis is also very different because the K73 has got 3 large roler wheels instead of 4 on the Obj.574. The drive sproket is also located at the rear of the K73 instead of the front (Obj.574). The K73 uses the Gaz-11 engine that produces 70hp and has 54km/h top speed, the Obj 574 has the Gaz car engine (same as ASU57) that only produces 56 hp and 45 km/h top speed. The Obj.574 is simply an ASU 57 with an amphibious extention to it and some minor changes. As the vehicle is only minorly different to the ASU 57 in game, i dont see it as unique as the K73.

The upper two photos are of the ASU-57P

Specifications of the K73:

gun: Ch-51 57mm cannon, same amunition as the ASU 57.

Ammunition count- 30

vertical traverse range: +15 … -5 degrees

horisontal traverse range: ± 8 degrees


Front- top piece= 8mm inclined at 42 degrees

middle piece= 6mm inclined at 25 degrees

lower piece= 4mm inclined at 45 degrees

Side- overall 4 mm at 0 degrees of inclination (literally vertical)

Floor- the floor is 3mm all round

Rear- rear wall is 1.5mm thin in 0 degrees

Engine: The 3.5L engine was from a GAZ 51 truck, it had 70 hp, 201 nm

Top land speed- 54 km/h

Top float speed- 7.8 km/h

Dimentions: (length x width x height) – 5355 x 2085 x 1400 mm

Weight: 3.4 tons

Crew: Driver, commander/gunner, loader




ГАЗ-51 — Википедия — советский среднетоннажный грузовой,1950—1970-х годов.&text=механическая 4-ступ.&text=Первые опытные образцы с индексом,производство развернуто с 1946 года.

Thankyou for reading, excuse my bad grammar as english isnt my first language. Hope you liked it.:)


Things like this should be in battlepasses, not uninspired bull rap that we have rn but fuckywucky stuff like this. Love it 1+

When tumour turns into cancer😁.+1

Did it actually float?It doesnt look like it would ever float in water.

What does this make it then?

Ah Yes, the KSP-76 (Gaz 68). That would fit well in the tech tree at 2.7 br.



The two sides of the back are rounded compared to the boxy angled sides of the K-73, so we know it is the ASU-57P

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