K200 (25mm)

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K200 (25mm)



Brief History
The K200 KIFV is a South Korean IFV based on the American M113, with the two sharing a number of characteristics. Shortly after mass-production began of the K200, a prototype was developed with a 25mm turret, following a number of mock-ups during the K200’s development process. The vehicle’s prototype was produced in 1987, and firing demonstrations took place in 1988-89.

The K200 (25mm) is said to mount a stabilised 25mm Oerlikon KBA auto-cannon in a (presumed) one-man turret. The gun has access to APFSDS, APDS and HE rounds, and is the same gun as on the SIDAM 25 and Dardo, Freccia and VBC PT.2 IFVs. The rest of the characteristics of the turret are unknown – the vehicle is really only known from one image and a sliver of information about it. Presumably there is some more hidden away, but I can’t find any.

The K200 chassis has a 280hp engine, capable of reaching a top speed of 70km/h. The vehicle weighs ~13.7t in total. The vehicle has a crew of 3 – 1 driver, 1 gunner and 1 commander, 1 of which is presumably in the turret (gunner).

The vehicle is thinly armoured – it has a base aluminium structure, with add-on spaced armour all around. It is said to only protect against 12.7mm rounds frontally and along the sides.

The K200 (25mm) would be a fun light tank for a future United Korean tech tree, or alternatively a South Korean sub-tree, as a stabilised 25mm on a mobile chassis.


  • 25mm Oerlikon KBA 25
    • PMB 090 APFSDS
      • 92mm at 0º at 10m
    • M791 APDS
      • 80mm at 0º at 10m
    • M292 HEI-T
      • 7mm at 0º at 10m
  • Elevation angles
    • Unknown
  • Traverse speed
    • Unknown


  • Spaced armour, resists 12.7mm rounds across the front and sides


  • Speed
    • 70km/h
  • Weight
    • Unknown, ~13.7t
  • Engine power
    • 280hp, ~20.43hp/t




  • Mock-up of the K200 with 25mm in a different turret during the development of the K200



K200 기반 25mm 자체는 실물/목업 둘 다 있었음 - 가이진 채널
KAFV 25mm 장착형은 애초에 존재하지 않는 것 같다 - 가이진 채널
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United Korea tree all the way 🤙 +1


I’m fine either way as long as it gets added! +1

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It’s not a KAFV. It is a prototype modified in the late 80s to increase firepower after the K200 was mass-produced. The photo at the top was also taken in the late 80s. I recommend you change the title from KAFV-25 to K200 (25mm).

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Also, there is no mention of KAFV-25 in Daewoo’s KAFV brochure. In the 1990s, the 25mm firepower was judged to be insufficient, and the KAFV was equipped only with a 30mm autocannon, 40mm grenade launcher, and 90mm low-pressure cannon.

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korean subtree under japan tech tree.


Do you have a source for this? This briefly mentions it and calls it the KAFV-25, and all online sources do as well (they’re not great but they’re most of what seems to exist)

우리가 만든 장갑차 : 개발에서 수출까지 is a book which was written by Daewoo.


Thank you, I’ll edit the post soon

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A South Korean sub-tree would be great in-game! I just hope politics would not prevent this happening in game (due to the bloody history between Japan and South Korea).

Oh sure
I also wish Israel would have Arab country subtree