Just a question about the m1a2 SEPv2 in this update

So as they are doing all of the model changes on the internals on a lot of vehicles, and I haven’t seen any information on this topic in a while, are there any plans to make the tusk 2 package an armor modification? Seeing as how we are introducing more vehicles with the ability to remove extra armor.


The changes are all adding internal modules to tanks to nerf them, such as modeled autoloaders and power systems than can turn off electronic components. So removable tusk armor isn’t really in the right category.

I see the leopard 2A4M CAN as a direct reason it can be done, and the American Stryker as a precedent to revising add on armor.

I wish.

M1A2 SEPv2 is worse than SEP and AIM just because it has all that dead weight it can’t take off.

TUSK is valued in real life because it protects against threats that are not present in War Thunder; suicide drones, grenade launchers, portable anti-tank weapons, IEDs, etc.

In War Thunder, it has no use at all other than slowing the tank down.


Oh my that naked sepv2 is sexy as fuck.

You tell em Spanish!


The fix is so easy too, it’s literally removing parts in the model, and decreasing the weight

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It’s in the name, Urban Survival Kit. War Thunder doesn’t have a lot of RPGs and IEDs blasting these things.

While you have some anti tank missiles hitting them it’s probably not enough to warrant it being modeled currently. Not by the current game standards anyways?

Yeah, it would be cool though.

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True, but I refuse to take the TUSK kit off the SEP because the M2 mounted on top of the barrel looks cool

Personal preference, as it should be

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Plus TUSK kit is actually protects you from autocannon.

It can reliably stops 30MM APDS/APFSDS rounds, thats why i use TUSK kit on my SEPV1 from time to time.

You know it’s a long time overseen issue when you see one of spanish anvengers easy-to-comprehend pictures in a thread


TUSK on the SEPV2 stopped once a vikhr but somehow he was dumb enough to aim at it, honestly it should’ve gotten the ability to remove it since it adds tons of weight and people should decide to put it on or not.


+1 Support for SEPV2 adds the option to remove and install TUSKII freely


Up, supporting too. we should have the ability to decide whether to use TUSK or not.

They probably could implement it in not much time seeing as how they have added the harrier so quickly

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I highly doubt the Harrier was developed within the timespan you’re suggesting.

Vehicles are typically planned 12 months or so in advance of them actually coming out from what I recall.

That’s obvious, what I’m saying is that the to add the harrier, copy paste all the stuff from the Italian one, and all of that, a simple model change is nothing. The harrier model has probably been around or been worked on, just not released until now. The Abrams model, and the components it has when it’s moved over to the game, should have the tusk parts as separate modules or separately modeled based off of who was commissioned to make the model, so just removing a piece of the tank and adding a module, should be well within the realm of a week long dev server.

I still believe that the SepV2 could receive mixed modifications, as happens with the T-80BVM and T-72B3M which have a first light side armor modification, and a second heavy one. The Tusk I still manages to have some effectiveness against certain weapons in the game (nothing like the Relikt in the literal 90M that repeatedly swallows APFSDS on the side of the tank). There could be the Naked option → TUSK I → TUSK II

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Very much for making TUSK on the SEP v2 an optional package like it is on the SEP v1. There is literally no reason why it should not be removable.

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@Smin1080p os there any chance of this happening or has it been accepted as a report to your knowledge?

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