Jungle Map FPS

When in plane FPS drops while looking towards battle area

Yet another productive and high quality vamillad post.
Submit a report if the issue persists, and for the love of christ stop spamming the forums.


How is this technical support?

have your tried locking your frame rate? this helped me out a bit, but i still get heavy ghosting when flying close to water but doesnt seem to be an issue over land.


No. I will try.

As already pointed out by Ravanos, please lock FPS to something equal to or lower than your display’s refresh rate (I suggest at least around 10% lower).
@Vamilad Has the issue got better in the past 10+ days?

Unfortunately I don’t play low tier enough to see the map repeatedly, I run Vsync and Gsync do you think a hard FPS lock on top of this would provide ingame benefits?

The drop when it does occur on the map only does so when I’m in a plane, it’s never when I’m on the ground. Which unfortunately makes it even less frequent that I see the issue.

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I mean if the issue doesn’t affect your performance all the time, it’s OK to monitor it when you randomly get to that map.
Just try the general stuff like clearing cache, updating windows and drivers, keeping an eye on temps, etc.

Wait, how do you “lock” FPS?

It depends on what GPU you have. If you have NVIDIA you go to the nvidia control panel.
Screenshot 2024-05-19 065452

I dont know about AMD or Intel GPU’s but im sure its something similar

I have NVIDA. If I loke my FPS will it hurt anything?

No, it will help reduce the stress on your video card and give you smoother game play. As is stands your gpu goes 100% all the time trying to get the max fps. i can get around 200 to 300 fps but my gpu is working overtime. Locking it and a lower fps it wont have to work to max the fps but work more efficiently to keep it at the frame rate you locked it too.

I chose 112 just for the heck of it, i may bump it to 120 to see how it feels. So you 10 to 20 percent lower frame rate lock you should see a boost in stability. if you dont like it you can always unlock it again

Ok ty for explaining. How/where do I go to try this?

should be a program called nvidia controll panel. you should already have it. just put nvidia control in window search and it should pull it up. if not just go to their website and download it.

Okay ty for your help and patience’s with my slow ass

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no worries at all man, everyone starts someplace :)

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