Ju88A4 loadouts need be fixed

JU88’s loadout has been forgotten for about a few years, and Gaijin believes it was a suggestion, not an issue. I wonder when Ju88A4’s loadouts will be fixed, it can carry more bombs in fact, which include 4 * 500kg bombs or 2 * 1000kg bombs.


I agree

Missing load outs are treated as suggestions not bugs. Due to the fact it can cause a vehicle’s BR to change.

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Very silly mindset for gaijin to have

No, gaijin just forgot this, it has been mentioned and passed for at least 4 years. However Gaijin doesn’t care about WWII aircraft, so this still isn’t fixed. By the way, Gaijin fixed those 70s-90s aircraft loadouts very fast.

There’s nothing to fix. Additionally those vehicles are still missing a lot of load outs to.

No it’s not.

You also are very silly.

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Yes, there are still missing a lot of load-outs, imagine we had to wait at least 5 years to let Lancaster get a 12000 lb bomb. However, these new load-outs need Gaijin to build a new model. For Ju88, there is no need to add other new bomb models, just update the loadout choices. By the way, if Gaijin could fix some wrong load-outs as soon as possible(Kurnass2000), how could they ignore these aircraft which have waited for a few years?

they fixed the loadout issue. instead of 1x1000 and 1x500 just 1x1000 now :)