JU 88 upgrade

Due to the numerous BR raises of the JU 88 A4. The 88 was in 2016 br 2.0 and went to 2.3, 2.7 till now 3.0. The plane is less efficient in my eyes almost obsolete. In 1943 sold Germany a number of JU 88 to Italy with 13 mm canons. Let’s make that plane great again and put it in the game.


this actually isn’t a bad idea.

I tried playing ARB to get CAS planes and just gave up with the JU 88s because they where just such a pain to play

It is not only Italy which used the Ju 88.

This topic is a prime example of what is wrong with wt. I stopped playing the A-4 (on an old inactive account) when the BR was raised to 2.7 (2 years ago?) - as imho even a plain P-39 at BR 2.7 kills you without any effort. The increase to 3.0 as a result of adding the Finnish version made this plane imho unplayable.

You will find a hell of posts in the old forum dealing with insufficient speed, not implemented loadouts, missing cannons, etc. A lot of players invested a hell of time for suggestions; nothing happened.

A friend (somehow addicted to Naval) is looking for a torpedo bomber, imho the A-17 is very easy to implement, they just need to remove the gondola and add the bulge on the right side of the fuselage. Imho a very cheap effort to get a torpedo bomber for Italy, Finnland and Germany.

For the CAS fans - 4 x SC 500 for individual drops are also missing.

I remembered a discussion from 2022:


Edit: If you want to relax - use the Ju 88 A-1 in Air RB. The max loadout increased from 1.900 kg to 2.400 kg. Use 4 x C250 (2 kill abase) and 28 x SC 50 for airfield. Small income, but relaxing game play.

The Ju-88 seems stuck in time, raised up when it had comparatively good performance, but the opposition has since received new toys to counter it and is overdue for a rebalance.

I’d also like to see more than just the basic A-1/4 bomber and C-6 fighter. A-17 Torpedo option would surely be an easy add but I also think the late war G-7 Night Fighter and S-1/2 Bombers would be different enough to justify,

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I think that a 13 mm Canon/gunner is enough to let it keep BR 3.0, but a rebalance to 2.3 is a better BR in the current state of the plane. More German bombers is always good :)

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The Italian version was with 13mm gunner. Ure right on the A1. Good alternative

I just did a few games with the 88 A1 but you can choose 28 50kg OR 4 250 Kg. The old setting 2 x 250 and 28 x 50 I couldn’t find

Because gaijin still refuses to upgrade JU88’s loadout, Ju88 could take 3600kg bombs, which has been passed at least 5 years, but Gaijin doesn’t want increase JU88’s BR.

U have to create a custom loadout, this allows you to use 4 x SC 250 + 28 x SC 50. But 2 x C 250 kills a base, 2 x SC 250 not…

that’s only for the A4, not the A1. I could not do it

Aha now I found it :) thanks

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