Ju 87 G-2 with 3,7 cm Bk 37 and 20mm Mg 151/20

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In game we have the Ju 87 G-1 and G-2. They are allso called Kanonenvögel (Cannonbirds). They are Ju 87, where the mgs or cannons were taken out and they carry 2x 3,7 cm BK 37 instead of bombs for tank hunting.

The G-1s are rebuild of normal D-1 - D-3 planes and G-2 are D-5 planes.

The difference from D-3 to D-5 are also longer wings and propeller blades.

In game the G-1 and G-2 are the same, to be exact the G-2 is even worse as it only has 9,5 m/s climb rate instead of the 11,6 of the G-1. (Aced)

But the biggest flaw of both planes are the lack of armarment and ammo.

They both carry only 2x bk 37 as offencive armarment with 24 rounds total and 12 per gun.

What i suggest is changing the G-2 to a unique G-2 wich still has its 20mm Mg 151/20 guns in the wings, from the time when it still was a D-5.

That would increase its offencive power by 2x 20mm Mg 151/20 with 500 rounds each.

It would then be similar to the normal D-5 but still different as it cant carry bombs nor equipp more Mgs or cannons, but have 2x 37mm cannons.


The pictures come from a person, wich Grandpa was a Flight mechanic.

The Ju 87 G-2 with both 20mm Mg 151/20 and 3,7 cm Bk 37 was supposedly part of the 10.(Pz.)/Schlachtgeschawader 2. in 1945. It was flown from Czechoslovakia to Eschwege on 8 May 1945. Looking at the photos, after that it was aparently captured by the Americans (guessing by the good quality for testing purposes).


The same as the current Ju 87 G-2 wich we have in game, but 84 kg heavier because of the 2 20mm Mg 151/20 cannons (weight taken from the Ju 87 D-5 in game)

Armarment: 2x 3,7 cm Bk 37 Cannons 12 rpg (Avaliable ammo: 3,7 cm Pzgr (Aphe the same as on the 3,7 cm Flak), 3,7 cm Pzgr-H and 3,7 cm M.Gr.18, 2x 20mm Mg 151/20 cannons 500 rpg.

Crew: 2

Highspeed: 380 km/h

on height: 4000m

Max. height: 7000m

Turning speed: 32 s

Climb speed: 9.5 m/sec

takeoff length: 513 m

(Taken from in game Aced)

Sources are only the pictures.


Sources:Grandpa Was a flight mechanic during WW2 - Album on Imgur

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