Joystick/Pedal combos for flying in Warthunder. Xbox X Advice Please


I’m sorry to burden the forum with something which I should be resolving myself but I am having trouble finding info on this that is anywhere near recent. So much stuff on Reddit etc. which is years old.
My issue is flying in this game on the X-Box Series X. Quite simply one can’t unless the Assistant is set to the on position and this gives a very stable but also somewhat useless version of flight. For example a loop is impossible which is the simplest of maneuvers and trying to evade anybody who has access to a higher level of flying is pointless.

My Questions are 1: General. Is it worthwhile even bothering with a Joystick? I ask as I have read that many say no unless its for Sim. I see many advocate using a mouse instead. I have heard the JS setup can be wobbly and terribly unstable especially for CAS in GRB. These are my findings when turning off the assistance on the controller for X box as well. I tried the Desode suggestions on YouTube but the problem remained.

2:Assuming many of you are flying successfully with the correct equipment what do you recommend? I see things like the Thrustmaster T-16000M FCS Flight Pack has come down in price with rudder pedals etc. Is this of any use with WT?
3: If any of you are using the above items how do you work around GRB and spawning in tanks first?
4:Did having these items drastically improve flying in Warthunder or is it an expensive misconception?

I’m sorry if these seem like dumb questions or repeated threads but I am struggling out there to get intelligent input or up to date info.

Many thanks. EVH.

I use Series X (after several years with Xbox one) and now the 3rd Thrustmaster JS to fly in Air RB. You find a some answers to your questions in this post:

Later in the thread i posted links to helpful guides regarding settings…

Have a good one!

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That is excellent, just what I was looking for.
I suspected that a JS setup may only have limited application in this game.

Thanks again.

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