Joystick/HOTAS issue: (Device is disconnected/switched off)

Hello, forums.

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to get my two VKB Gladiator NXT flight sticks to work so that I can play Sim Battles, and I’ve not made any progress. The weird part is, before the La Royale update, they were working fine, but now when I go to the controls, it reads my input, followed with “Device is disconnected/switched off.”

It is most certainly not an issue with the sticks, as they work perfectly fine in other games. They should work here, but they’ve not been. It might be that the update completely busted compatibility with some sticks. I need help figuring out how to fix this so I can Sim Battle in something other than a bomber. Thanks.

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Were you able to get this resolved? I am having the same issue. I just got a NXT in hopes of better air battles.

Ive been having the same issues as well.

Same problem here. Dropping a comment so I know when a fix is out.

Same problem as well.

Have the same issue here too, hope a fix comes out soon

Same issue, and VJOY devices are not recognized, some devices show up at gamepad inputs and it just flat out sucks