Joystick gremlin

Hello, may I ask if can I run Joystick Gremlin in my background, in order to connect all of my HOTAS devices to one virtual joystick?

I just wanted to make sure, to avoid any cheating accusations or conflicts with easy anti-cheat.

Thanks a lot.

Is it a 3rd party application that exploits in-game information that is not readily available to give you an edge in performance?

I don’t think so, so you’re good.

No. It basically merges all of my HOTAS devices into one single virtual joystick, making keybinding easier and much more organized. So I don’t have to figure out which device is what in WT.

It doesn’t give you any in-game advantage, but I feel like it’s almost a necessity for me, as I have 3-4 HOTAS devices connected to my PC.

It was designed for Star Citizen, which also uses EAC. So I think it might be ok.

Then it shouldn’t be an issue. I’d consider that to be a tertiary app like Logitech G-Hub, the Saitek app, or any kind of overclocking app.

Thanks, I think so as well. It is only useful in sim battles, due to the fact that, if you are a flight sim enthusiast. You tend to have 4-6 HOTAS devices connected to your PC at the same time.

Joystick Gremlin is fine. I’ve been using it for years.

Also highly recommended. It’s a great HOTAS solution. 👍

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Yep, It is free and just an amazing app to connect all your HOTAS devices into one single virtual joystick.