"Johnny Fartpants" Decal

Would you like to see the “Johnny Fartpants” decal in game?
  • Yes, I would.
  • No, I would not.

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Ah, yes. British humour, known for its class and refinement. As can be seen in the photo above, today I am suggesting the “Johnny Fartpants” nose art as a decal. This art was seen painted on to Jaguar GR.1A XX275. Like other desert scheme Jaguars, the plane was used during the Gulf War for several bombing missions as can be seen by its mission markings (c. 1991) in the below picture.


The plane was later upgraded to a Jaguar GR.3A before being retired with the rest of the Jaguars in the mid-2000’s. It now sits as an instructional airframe at RAF Cosford with the “Johnny Fartpants” art sadly removed. Fortunately, it seems to have been preserved by the crew. Such essential history is worth the good fight.

As for the character, I’m not really sure who it’s supposed to represent. It could be a reference to some old British cartoon that I’m not aware of, but really it looks like the crew just decided to goof off, as seen with the infamous (and NSFW) “Buster Gonad” decal on XZ118.

Why it should be in War Thunder

It’s hilarious.



+1, I want this so much

+1 this and all the other Gulf war Jaguar Art would be so funny to have in game.

Fat Sl*gs, Buster Gonad, and many others would be hilarious to have as well

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Well that is an insta upvote

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This suggestion stinks. Gaijin should focus on fixing the game, not wasting resources on artsy-fartsy additions. It’s a gaseous idea at best. A total brain fart. Please at least try to take off your stupid-pants before posting shit like this.

Joke this is funny af lol
Thank goodness the OP liked this my dry-ass humor often comes off as rude XD

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Good enough reason for me. Votes yes.

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Hell yeah, and the Dennis the Menace one too

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Presumably there would be copyright issues unless the Viz characters are renamed and modified in appearance. So I doubt we’d get a 1:1 historic version of the decals unless they get properly licensed by Gaijin.

But they’ve skirted around character/location IP for Dune, Avatar, Talespin etc. during April Fools events before: so they obviously know creative ways of doing it.

I mean we have a historical Daisy Mae pinup, who I’m fairly sure is still under copyright. And I think technically all historical (and non-derivative) vehicle art is “copyrighted” by their painters. So I don’t think Gaijin would have that big a problem with this. But at the same time Gaijin has been adding a lot of ahistorical pinups recently so maybe it is one.

I voted yes because it’s intrinsically funny, but at the same time fart jokes are gross.