JMSDF Torpedo Boat No.10 / The first "Decent" MTB in Japan!

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Torpedo Boat No.10



Briefly: The first Japanese MTB that speed reached 40 knots!!


PT10 is Japanese experimental Motor Torpedo Boat / Motor Subchaser during cold-war era. For development of No.11 class PT, experiences of Torpedo Boat No.10 (PT-810) and High-speed No.6 (ASH-6) were used.

Launch ceremony’s postcard of High-speed No.6 (ASH-6)

This boat was high-speed rescue boat for prototype of next torpedo boats.

Since 1950s Japanese build 8 MTBs, but there speed is not good (28~33 knots). Because of it Japanese start to research high-speed boat.

At first, they import British Dark class patrol boat. This boat built by Sanders Roe, and it hull it alloy framing and wooden decks and skin (Wikipedia says Japanese one is Aluminum, but Japanese documents says that boat is not Aluminum boat.). This boat named PT No.9, and used for research.
Design of engine cradle, flexible-shaft of gear coupling and crescent type propeller wing is affect to design of Torpedo boat No.10.

Also, its hull design (omega-plane V shape) is modified from No.7 class and hull sonar dome was removed.

This boat was designed for prototype of next torpedo boats, but by the problem of budgets, they need to wait 1970s.

Engine of this boat is Napia Deltic diesel engine that same as Dark class. In the test of propeller, this boat reach to 47.72 knots. In that time it was world record of diesel engine boat.

  • Design number: T109
  • Hull number: PT-810
  • Name: No.9
  • Keel laid: January 30, 1961
  • Launch: September 28, 1961
  • Complete: February 26, 1965
  • Retire: April 10, 1975
  • Builder: Mitsubishi Shimonoseki shipyard


Compare to No.7 class, Mousetrap anti-sub mortar removed, and hull sonar dome replaced to sonobuoy and dipping sonar.

Main gun is conventional Bofors 40mm L/60 machine gun for anti-air and surface. In this class, they equipped two single mount on bow and stern.
Torpedo was 533mm Experimental Type 54 torpedo. It is heavy-weight anti-submarine homing torpedo but specification was not good.

Experimental Type 54 Torpedo

Display of Experimental Type 54 Torpedo Model 3 kai 1

Experimental Type 54 Torpedo was Japanese anti-submarine heavy-weight homing torpedo developed for destroyers and torpedo boats in 1950s.

Length 760 cm
Caliber 533 mm
Speed 24 kt (44.448 km/h)
Max range 6,000 m
Explosives TNT, 100 kg
Guidance system Passive acoustic homing
Engine Lead-acid battery/ DC motor (33kW/44 hp)


Standard displacement 90 t
Length 32.0 m
Width 8.5 m
Draft 1.1 m
Speed 40 kt
Crew 26
Engine 3x Napia Deltic diesel engine
Power 9,400 HP
Weapon 2x 40mm L/56 Bofors Mk.3
4x 533mm torpedo tube


For game

It will be interesting addition of torpedo boat beforePT-15. It had excellent high-speed and useful two 40mm Bofors L/60s, but poor torpedo equipment is not a good.


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+1 Excellent Bofors boat
Would be good to place in TT, but would also be an excellent BP reward since Japan already has similar boat.

Though I really wish Gaijoob actually gives the RL homing torpedoes actually did what it was supposed to do, cuz that will justify the awfully slow speed and low filler.

I do tend to get sick of Bofors boats, but I suppose this would be okay.