JMSDF Hayase-class Minesweeper Tender, JDS Hayase (MST-462) (1988)

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JDS Hayase (MST-462) / 掃海母艦 はやせ


  • category: Mine Warfare Ship / 機雷艦艇
  • Subcategory: MST, Minesweeper Tender / 掃海母艦
  • Class: Hayase
  • Plan: 2000t-class minesweeper No.462 of FY Showa 44 plan (Third Defense Build-up Plan)
  • Hull number: MST-462


JDS Hayase was Japanese minesweeper tender operated since 1971. She was build for replace old minesweeper tender Jds Hayatomo (ex LST-802 USS Hamilton County).
It was not a bad ship, but too old: used since 1944! Because of it, Japanese government decided to build new minesweeper tender in Third Defense Build-up Plan.

  • Keel laid: September 16, 1970
  • Launched: June 21, 1971
  • Completed: November 6, 1971
    (Assigned to flagship of the 1st Minesweeper Flotilla)
  • Retired: December 11, 2002

When completed, she was assigned to flagship of the 1st Minesweeper Flotilla.
In 1988, she replaced old Oerlikon 20mm machine guns to JM61-M 20mm multi-barrel machine guns.

Notably history is joined Minesweeping operation to Persian Gulf just after the Gulf War in 1991. It was the first overseas operation for JSDF except for rescue. It caused serious political problems, but finally Japan Socialist Party defeated in election and decided dispatchment. (In that time JSP claimed JSDF is illegal.)

In this mission, JSDF dispatched JDS Hayase, four Hatsushima-class coastal minesweepers and replenishment ship JDS Tokiwa. Especially, Hatsushima-class MSC were small wooden ship (full load 520-550 t) so support of minesweeper tenders were necessary.
They were well-trained, but in this mission they find their equipment are outdated for modern mines, so afterward they started modernizations.

In March 20, 1998 see reclassified to Special Service Ship (Hull number ASU-7020) and assigned to 1st Submarine Flotilla.
Retired in December 11, 2002 and she was replaced by Uraga-class minesweeper tender, JDS Bungo.

Now, her anchor is left in Kotohira shrine, a shrine for worship of a guardian deity for maritime transport.


Her design is similar to Minelayer JDS Soya except this ship has two deck layers.
Rear deck is helicopter pad for KV-107II-3 minesweeper helicopter. She did not have ability to load it but had supporting equipment like refueling etc.
On stern she had five lines of mine rails. It can equip 250x Type 66 moored mine.

For her main mission, she had multiple supplying equipment for minesweeper and chamber for divers.

In addition, she equipped limited weapons to defend minesweepers. She had one Type 68 3-inch twin gun taken from JDS Wakaba, two 20mm MGs to destroy floating mines, two Type 68 triple light weight torpedo tubes and SQS-11A sonar.

Specification (1988~)

  • Standard displacement: 2,000 t
  • Full-load displacement: 3,050 t
  • Length overall: 99.0 m
  • Max width: 14.5 m
  • Depth: 8.4 m
  • draft: 4.2 m
  • Engine: 4x Kawasaki/MAN V6V22/30ATL diesel engines
  • Power: 6,400 PS
  • Propeller: 2x propellers
  • Max speed: 18 knots / 33.3 km/h
  • Weapons
    • 1x Type 68 50 caliber 3-inch twin rapid-firing gun
    • 2x JM61-M multi-barrel machine gun
    • 5x Minelaying rails
      • 250x Type 66 moored mine
    • 2x Type 68 triple short torpedo launcher
  • Fire control system: Mk.63 GFSC
  • Radar:
    • 1x OPS-14 anti-aircraft search radar
    • 1x OPS-17 surface search radar
    • AN/SPG-34 radar tracker
  • Sonar:
    • SQS-11A search sonar
    • ZQS-1B mine search sonar
  • Aviation: landing pad and refueling system


Type 68 50 caliber 3-inch twin rapid-firing gun


A licensed production variant of 3"/50 Mark 22, Mark 33 mountings.
Good rate of fire, AAVT shells and tracking radar provide excellent anti-aircraft performance. Also, high rate of fire is good for destroy lightly protected vessels.
However, if you continue firing it will cause overheat.

  • Caliber: 76.2 mm
  • Rate of fire: 45-50 rpm
  • Ammunition: HE, APHE and HE-VT

20mm multi-barrel machine gun JM61-M

A manual-controlled mountings variant of M61 Valcan.
It was used for destroy floating mines to replace old 20mm Oerlikon guns.
Due to purpose of it, it is demagnetized. Also, rate of fire is decreased to 450 rounds per minute.

  • Feeding system: belt, 100 rounds
  • Rate of fire: 450 rpm
  • Maximum range: 4,500 m
  • Maximum elevation: 85 degrees
  • Cooling system: air cooling
  • Manufacture: Sumitomo Heavy Industries

Type 68 triple short torpedo launcher HOS-301 / Mark 46 torpedo


A licensed production variant of Mark 32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube. It can use 324mm Mark 46 torpedo
It use anti-submarine LWT so explosive is quite limited.

Type 66 Mine

Type 66 mine (development name K-15) is JMSDF’s early-era moored mine used since 1950s. It was roughly based upon American Mark 6 mine.

Kawasaki KV-107 II-3

It was licensed production variant of Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight. In JMSDF it was used for minesweeping helicopter.
Hayase does not have ability to carry it, and she have just helipad for KV-107.

For War Thunder


  • Useful 3-inch/50 Mk.33 cannon!
  • Two JM61-M rotary guns!
  • Mines!


  • Slower than frigates: 18 knots
  • She have only one main gun turret

It will be useful frigate with mine equipment for coastal tree.
Compare to JDS Chikugo, one Bofors 40mm is replaced to two JM61-M.


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ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-4750910239

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