(JLTV) L-ATV Kongsberg LW30

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Hi guys. :).png “:)”)

Today i wanna suggest one of the JLTV vehicles i wanna see in War Thunder. In this instance the L-ATV with the Kongsberg 30mm gun mount added with the Javalin ATGM.



The JLTV was started due to the US military wanting to replace their Humwee from main service. In the JLTV program there is multiple MRAPs that have been tested as a potential replacement.
The Oshkosh Defence L-ATV MRAP was selected as the winner and rewarded a contract of 6.7 billion US$ to produce approximately 17000 MRAPs for the US military. And contracts for more vehicles are being made both inside and outside the US. The L-ATV is seing service in a number of countries. Which include the US, Lithuania, Montenegro, Brazil and more.
Oshkosh is company that specializes in building Trucks for both military use and Firefighter for civilian use. And to top it off they build Cranes and emergency equipment. And this is a company that has gathered expertise in these type of product over 100 years ago. Back when the company was founded in 1917.

The Specific JLTV i am suggesting is the L-ATV with the Kongsberg LW30 gun mount. This variant is designed to be able to engage enemy fortified positions. And to also be able to engage light armored targets and tanks with it’s 30mm M230LF autocannon and FGM-148 Javelin ATGM. However for lighter targets the mount also features a 7.62mm machine gun.
The L-ATV with the Kongsberg LW30 gun mount was tested at the Redstone Test Center Alabama with satisfying results.
The M230LF is a lightweight variant of the regular M230 Chain Gun used on the AH-64 Apache. The M230LF is able to use identical ammunition types as on the Standard M230 Bushmaster. These ammo types include HE Frag, Airburst, Semi Armor Piercing shells and other variants.


Protection. Armored Glass and composite armor which is designed to resist mine blasts and 12.7mm machine gun fire.
Crew. 3+ Driver, Comander, Gunner.
Weight 6.4+ tons.
Engine. 866T V-8 diesel 397 hp.
Speed. 120 km/h.
Guns. 30mm M230LF Bushmaster. 7.62mm M240 Machine Gun, FGM-148 Javelin ATGM.


Hope you guys like the suggestion. I think it would be really great to see some modern MRAPs repesented ingame which would offer an interresting type of gameplay. And i think a great place to start is within the famous JLTV program. If you are interested in other simular type of light armored vehicle suggestions. I have suggested the Humwee with simular armement layout that i will link below.

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Tactical Vehicle Manufacturer | Oshkosh Defense | JLTVs and L-ATVs

The Javelin and the JLTV: Oshkosh Defense Participates in Successful Flight Tests at Redstone Test Center - Oshkosh Defense

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Scott Gourley on Twitter: “Speaking of platform lethality, one effort highlighted at #BUC2019 explores the possibilities of an @OshkoshDefense #JLTV equipped with a Kongsberg LW30. /M230LF wpn station https://t.co/UNMZUbtmyD” / Twitter

Oshkosh_Brochure_44pg_093016 ENTIRE single lr.pdf (oshkoshcorp.com)

Humvee Air Defense Replacement (topwar.ru)

JLTV L-ATV Oshkosh light combat tactical all-terrain vehicle data | US Army wheeled and armoured vehicle UK | United States US Army Military equipment UK (armyrecognition.com) (with 3d rendering of L-ATV)




LW30 04.jpg


“Old Suggestion”
(JLTV) L-ATV Kongsberg LW30 - USA - War Thunder - Official Forum

I don’t know how well this would fit but it interesting.


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This is another sugesttion that have been written already.You could search that on sweden passed yo developers lista.

I my opinion IS a wonderfull vehicles to add,usa neeeds a btr-82a equivalent.

I look at it and it suggestion for different vehicle. The system is the same but in this case it implemented on JLTV and as this suggestion talking about JLTV. I just want to show that this happen with it.

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Ok.Thanks for the correction.