JH7A should be connected to the bomber tech tree

I would like to provide suggestions for the placement of JH7A:JH7A should be placed on the bomber tree and placed below H5.
The reason should be seen from the equipment development history of the jh7. Everyone knows that Chinese aircraft are named J for fighter jets and H for bombers.
Flying Leopard was not initially named JH7, It named H7, It’s a bomber.
In the 1970s, The navy air force just wants a bomber that can carry anti-ship missiles for low altitude penetration. This is the origin of the H7 project.
At the same time, J13 was also developed, which can escort H7. But soon, due to various reasons, the J13 project was discontinued.So the H7 have to increased its air combat capability and was able to carry air to air missiles. The H7 project was renamed JH7 in 1977. Until now it became the current multi-purpose fighter bomber JH7A.
So I hope GAIJIN can placing the JH7A on the bomber tree, which is more in line with the equipment development logic of Chinese bombers.

At 5:01 in this official video of CCTV, the pilot of JH7A also mentioned that the flying Leopard was a bomber.