This post is about the JH-7A, a chinise attacker aircraft developed by Xian in 1988, the JH-7A is an upgraded version of the JH-7, it is lighter with improved armament and avionics.
In game are missing AA missles, AGMs, and cannon bullets.
Here is a list:
Aa missles: PL-9 (the chinise version of the python-5)
AGMs: LD-10, CM-102
The cannon bullets should be increased to 300.
This infos comes from the italian defense minister


PL9 wouldn’t come to the game for a while gaijin won’t add it till the game is ready for this missile

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There are no Gen 5 IR Missiles in game currently.

If China got PL-9 Then Britain would get ASRAAM, US Aim-9X, Germany IRIS-T. Etc etc etc

I have no idea what those are like, but possible theyd be way too strong currently. Same way Britain constantly gets Brimstones denied or Apaches get AGM-114Ls denied.

But you could try a bug report nonetheless;


Unfortuantely, loadout options are always balancing decisions, You should see the list of missing weapons for the Tornado Gr1. Its about 3 miles long

If you have good sources for this, submit a bug report:


Thank you, but why should i report the cannon issue in the bug section

PL-9 is not the chinese version of Python 5, it was never sold there, the closest thing is the PL-8, which comes from Python 3

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because thats just where things like this are reported

Base PL-9 is just a PL-8 with domestic equipment

I didnt think it was Gen 5. but was just going off his post about it being Python 5. I dont know anything about chinese missiles

PL-9 is Python 3 equivalent and PL-9C is better than AIM-9M. It’s performance is probably between AIM-9M and AIM-9X

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Italian defence minister?? Italy tested JH-7?


Source: I made it up

PL9 is just PL8’s body + AIM9 style wings for export.




Chinese 3rd Generation Missile Flare Resistence I made a posting about what to expect with upcoming Chinese missiles, could be helpful to get an idea of how there’s compare with other nations.


Thank you

is the sea level speed of the jh7 accurate ?

PL9 is just a domestic python, kind of an upgrade to pl8, with a domestic improved IR senser and works with more domestic equipment like J10s and newer jets.

Since the title “Jh-7a” is general enough, I’d like to mention this ticket and please support if you agree with it.

  • Original JH-7 was already able to carry 6500kg, and JH-7A is able to carry 8000kg, current limit of 5285kg in game is not even close
  • JH-7A is able to carry 10 500kg bombs while it’s max of 8 ingame
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