This post is about the JH-7A armament and avionics. THIS INFORMATION COMES FROM THE ITALIAN R.I.D. (rivista della difesa italiana)
The JH-7A was an attacker aircraft developed by Xian in 1988 and replaced in 2015 by the JH-7B. The JH-7A was the upgrade of the previus JH-7, it is lighter and has git more modern armament and avionics.
The armament in game is not very accurate, there are missing AA missles, AGMs, and rockets and its cannon has got less ammo than irl.
Here the armament (i dont know if its too modern to be added in game):
Missing AA missle: PL-9 (a copy of the python-5 missle)
Missing AGMs: LD-10, CM-102

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