JH-7A: The Flying Leopard!

The Chinese aviation research tree will receive the outstanding JH-7A jet-bomber, which features advanced avionics and excellent ordnance capabilities, enough to strike fear into any enemy it encounters!

JH-7A: A Jet Fighter-Bomber for China at rank VIII


  • High speed!
  • Large selection of secondary weapons.
  • Laser-guided bombs.

Vehicle History

After several years of development, China finalized the development of its own fighter-bomber, the JH-7, which ticked all of the boxes that were set out by PLA command for an aircraft to replace the outdated Q-5. In 1999, following orders from the Central Military Committee, work began on creating an improved version of the JH-7. This extensive modernization program included 303 changes, which included improving the fire control system with the introduction of a digital electronic sighting system, as well as increasing the range of its suspended weapons. This updated fighter-bomber, now designated JH-7A made its first flight in 2002, and began entering service in October 2004. JH-7A aircraft are still currently serving in the Chinese Air Force.

Meet the JH-7A!

Coming to War Thunder as part of the “Kings of Battle” major update, the JH-7A will be a Chinese top-of-the-line jet fighter-bomber that features weapons to use in air and ground battles. Let’s take a closer look at the details!

Interesting: The JH-7A is also known as the FBC-1 “Flying Leopard” (Fei Bao in Chinese) as an export variant. FBC is an abbreviation for Fighter-Bomber Supersonic (the C stands for Chāo in Chinese, meaning supersonic in English)!

Originally designed to replace the aging fleet of Q-5 of aircraft, the JH-7A was designed as a versatile fighter-bomber, capable of carrying fantastic ordnance options in the form of laser-guided bombs and air-to-air missiles. In-game, the JH-7A will carry the PL-5С short-range air-to-air missile with improved target sensors. To top it all off, the JH-7A will also be able to carry the great all-rounder PL-8 air-to-air missile, which features one of the best overloads and is one of the best performing missiles in the game!

Download Wallpaper:

Did you know? The appearance of the JH-7A may seem rather outdated, but modern materials and alloys are widely used in this aircraft’s design!

One factor of the JH-7A modernization program was to increase the number of weapon hardpoints and to introduce a new type of weapon system. Thus, in addition to bombs, unguided rockets and air-to-air missiles, the JH-7A can also carry LS500J and the heaviest in the Chinese lineup, the LS1000J laser-guided bomb thanks to the addition of a targeting pod. To make aiming with bombs and unguided rockets easier, the JH-7A also has a very useful ballistic computer.

In your matches: Pro-tips when using the JH-7A by Jan (Copsi), WT Marketing Manager: As the JH-7A is quite big, it might be a good idea to keep yourself from dogfighting the first enemy plane you see. But afterwards, as it’s able to carry the PL-5 (the Formula 1 car of missiles) and the PL-8, the Chinese licence build of the Python 3, you’ll not have much of a problem in dogfighting! A good amount of flares is great to see, make sure to pre-flare enemies when they come close. Being able to use high altitude precision bombs is a massive step up from the Q-5's, so use this to your advantage to avoid anti-air vehicles as much as possible.

This outstanding jet fighter-bomber will arrive to the game in the Chinese aviation tree as part of the “Kings of Battle” major update. Until then, keep a look out for other dev blogs, enjoy your matches and see you soon!

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So PL-5 & PL-8 for the JH-7 meanwhile AIM-9B for the F-111 ?

Balanced …

Will it have kh29t or any atgm?Its not good that br 11.7 only have laser bomb



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It appears that the JH-7A can carry Kh-29 missiles.
I think 11.7 is strange for the JH-7A, which has no anti-surface missiles present.


yup i agree.


totally agree


11.7 vs 10.3…
On 11.7 we already have J-8F with pl-8


Hope the devs at least add these before the update


TBH I want KD88 instead of KH29T

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personally i think the C-704 is more realistic as its more in line with current air too ground weapons and is basicly a Kh-29 with thermals

JH7A in 11.7, f111 in 10.3!!! they are in different BR.
So what are you taking about?


Hey, do we have a chance to play JH-7 (Early) in game?

Can you give a gift bag for jh-7AP? just like type 96 ap?

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hi we our player not looking for anything op like kd88 or other weapons could get ez kill, but at least kh29t is basic basic for air support for 11.7 br. carring laser guided bomber is not really fun


The C-704 needed a new model, it would take time to craft, and the JH7A would be available in an upcoming update. Therefore, the KH29 is more in line with the requirements of players, because its model can be used at any time. And the KH29TD has the same range as the C-704 with a range of 35KM

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I agree, the KH-29 should be added as an option regardless, but also I would like too see such options like the C-704 in the future.

Brothers, JH-7A can also use PL-9C, which is equivalent to AIM-9M and R-73