-Jetss- Jet Pilots of War Thunder

-Jetss- Jet Pilots of War Thunder ! !

We are an English-Speaking group of adult 18+ gamers who enjoy War Thunder Jets. We are ALL about that Rank VI-VIII life! Mostly, we just play ARB and Air Sim, but if you enjoy Jets in arcade you are still more than welcome to come on over and start the Arcade chapter of our little group!

We have our own DISCORD; Jet Pilots of War Thunder!! -Jetss- ,
Complete with self-assign tags, well-organized text and chat channels, and a collection of useful information to be utilized by anybody wishing to improve at Jet combat in War Thunder!

Anybody who presents proof of a 5(ACE), 10(Double ACE), or 15(Triple ACE) kill RB or Sim game in a Jet will get ACE tags specific to that Jet just to set them apart from the rest! :)
We even have occasional competitions to see who can achieve this first in a specific Jet. Currently, there is 1000 Golden Eagles up to the first to do this in any Me262, though this changes month-to-month.

We ALSO have a Helicopter Pilot base, dedicated to fighting for another game mode to be opened up for helicopter pilots due to the current extreme drought of helicopter gameplay options.

We would love to have you join our discord even if you’d like to remain separate from our in-game Squadron! The more the merrier!!!


New Inspirational Edit!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtMtkunNmC8

Come on by and join our discord !


Now actively recruiting on the War Thunder Community Unofficial Discord !

We are not official recruiters for the War Thunder Community Unofficial Discord, and as such I will not directly share the links to this discord. All who are already members or wish to become members will be able to find this, the largest English-Speaking War Thunder Discord Community out there easily online.


The 1000 Golden Eagle prize for an Ace Match has ended! The new Ace match bounty will be for ANY Italian Jet !!!

A BIG Congratulations!

Our numbers congratulate STEIN_THE_LYNX and Pate on their achievements as they have become out two newest ACES!

In case the discord link above ever expires somehow, here is a second one;