JDS Erimo (AMC-491)

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JDS Erimo (AMC-491) | えりも (AMC-491)


  • Category: 敷設艇 / Minelayer (note: small one)
  • Class: えりも型 / Erimo-Class
  • Plan: Showa 28 year plan


Japan Defense Ship Erimo was JMSDF’s first minelayer build by Plan FY1953 (昭和28年度計画).
This plan is known for two Type Ko guard ship (DD Harukaze-class ) and two Type Otsu guard ship (DE Akebono & Ikazuchi), but they also build Type Hei guard ship (PT No.1~6), Supply/Repair ship (Cablelayer Tsugaru-class) and Large minesweeper (Minelayer Erimo-class).
Among them, Erimo and Tsugaru’s project name used dummy because of the anti-remilitarization movement.

Similar to other self defense ships in this plan, design is based upon IJN’s Sokuten-class minelayer and designed by retired IJN engineers.

She laid down December 10, 1954, launched July 12, 1955 and completed in December 28, 1955.
At first she belonged to Yokosuka district but in 1958 she allocated to Kure district. Also, Since 1960 she allocated to mine warfare force and spent most of her life engaged in minesweeping activities.
In 1976 she modified to minehunting diver’s depot ship, and finally retired in 1982.

In-game performance

In the game, this ship’s performance will be similar to some heavy subchaser like Admirable-class or Flower Class.
Different to them it does not have cannons but she have useful Bofors 40mm twin autocannon on the bow.
Additionally It can use two 20mm machine guns, naval mines, classical depth charges and Hedgehogs. It would be interesting ship in game.


This ship was designed for lots of task, so it have good weapon for game.

Machine guns is 1x Mk.1 40mm twin gun(on the bow) and 2x Mk.10 20mm single gun (on the rear superstructure)

Anti-sub weapon is Type 54 Hedgehog Mk.10 (Back of 40mm), 4x Type 54 Depth charge launcher (K-gun) (rear) and 2x Type 54 depth charge drop rail.

Also it have mine-sweeping equipment on the rear deck.

Radar is SPS-5, FCS is Mk.51 and sonar is QHBa.

Mines were stocked on the deck between and funnel. When drop mines, use depth charge rails.

Specification table

  • Standard Displacement: 630 t
  • Full load displacement: 700 t
  • Length: 66.0 m
  • Width: 7.9 m
  • Depth: 4.6 m
  • Draft: 2.6 m
  • Engine: 2x Diesel engine
  • Power: 2,500 HP
  • Speed: 18 knots
  • Weapons:
    • 1x Mk.1 40mm twin machine gun
    • 2x Mk.10 20mm single machine gun
    • 1x Type 54 Hedgehog Mk.10
    • 4x Type 54 Depth charge launcher (K-gun)
    • 2x Type 54 Depth charge drop rail
  • Crew: 85



“ALL SHIPS OF JMSDF 1952-2004”, special issue of “Ships of the World”, Kaijinsha Co.,Ltd.




This would be a very fun low-tier gunboat! +1