JCG Tsurugi-class Patrol Vessel

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JCG Tsurugi-class Patrol Vessel


The boat introduced here is Tsurugi-Class, the fastest patrol vessel of the Japan Coast Guard (JCG).

Tsurugi-Class is classified as a Patrol vessel Small (PS) by the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) and is referred to as 高速特殊警備船 (High-speed special patrol ship) in official documents.

Tsurugi, the namesake of Tsurugi-class, is taken from “剣山” (Mount-Tsurugi) in the Shikoku region of Japan, which is a Japanese word meaning Sword.
A total of six vessels were built in this class. The name ship Tsurugi is PS201, and PS201~PS206 are in this class.

Technical Data

  • Gross Tonnage・・・220 t
  • Length・・・ 50.0 m
  • Max width・・・8.0 m
  • Depth・・・4.0 m
  • Engine・・・MTU 16V595 TE90 diesel engine ×3 (4320kw×3)
  • Propulsion・・・Pump-jet ×3
  • Speed・・・Over 40 kts
  • Weapon・・・JM61-RFS 20mm multi-barrel machine gun
  • Crew・・・Undisclosed


As will be discussed later in the history, this class of ship was built with speed as a very important consideration. For this reason, all three propulsion systems are pomp-jet, which is said to provide excellent maneuverability and acceleration.
The engines are three 4320kw engines, and the speed is officially to over 40kts, but it is estimated to be over 50kts, and in some literature it is estimated to be 55kts.


It will carry the 20mm JM61-RFS, a common armament for Japanese patrol vessels.
The JM61-RFS is a machine gun based on the M61, similar to the PG02 currently added to the game.



Tsurugi-class is a Japan Coast Guard patrol vessel that was budgeted in 1999 and commissioned in February 2001.

The vessel was planned in response to a suspicious vessel incident off the Noto Peninsula (能登半島沖不審船事件) in March 1999, in which the Japan Coast Guard and Maritime Self-Defense Force pursued and attacked a disguised fishing boat (disguised as a Japanese fishing boat) in the Japanese territorial waters that was believed to be from North Korea.

I won’t go into the details of the incident, but the result was that the Japan Coast Guard vessels were unable to catch up with the suspicious vessel, which was doing up to 35 knots, and only the MSDF was able to pursue it.

The Tsurugi-Class was created with the goal of achieving as much speed as possible, with this as an important consideration.
Six vessels of this class were built between 2001 and 2005; the remaining nine that were planned were never built due to budget constraints.








Gut! ! Ich würde mich noch mehr freuen, wenn mehr Schiffe der japanischen Küstenwache losgeschickt würden.